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2012 Best of the Secondhand, Er, Pre-Loved

2012 Best of the Secondhand, Er, Pre-Loved

Those of you that have followed me since 2008 have probably noticed that this blog now focuses mostly on featuring secondhand clothes for work and encouraging my fellow office workers on a budget to give thrifting a whirl. There will be a name change occurring very soon here, and a new professional paralegal blog started to talk about my interests in immigration law and technology.

I thought it would be fun to revisit an outfit from each month last year that featured at least one item of thrifted or gifted thrifted clothing.

What’s really cool is my Banana Republic “Kermit” skirt made it in here TWICE, considering I bought it mainly to join the color bandwagon – and then couldn’t figure out what to do with it.

Oh, and best party dress thrifted ever has to be this David Meister number:

I’ve decided that with a little re-mixing, this baby is making some appearances at the office 😀
If you shopped secondhand last year, what was your absolute fave thrifted purchase?

18 Responses to 2012 Best of the Secondhand, Er, Pre-Loved

  1. Ooh, exciting blog changes, that's great!
    Obviously the orange maxi dress caught my eye in particular, but so many of your thrifted or gifted outfits are delightful – the party dress, the green skirt, the polka dotty and printed dresses, all gorgeous. You never look anything else, Lynne!
    I did indeed shop almost entirely secondhand (apart from the odd pair of tights and big knickers, I think!) Too many favourites to mention (not big on decision-making over here…)
    Here's to another year of successful secondhand fabulousity! xxxxx

  2. Great outfits! I really like the big orange muu muu with denim jacket. Yes, seriously! And that party dress is pretty. You could definitely wear that with a cardi for work.

    In the last year I think my favorite is a pair of chunky red shoes I got a couple of weeks ago for $2.50. I haven't shown them off yet, but soon…

  3. Fantastic anthology, Lynne. I love looking for repeats, so how cool that the bright green skirt made the cut twice : > And, you have some awesome footwear. My navy blue net skirt (thrifted for about $2) has made an inordinate number of appearances in the last year, good old workhorse.

  4. You have such an amazing style Lynne! I was so happy to meet you this year.

    I cannot possibly pick a favorite because my closet is filled to the brim with thrifted goodies.. but I do really enjoy my striped skirt, my J.Peterman dress from recently, my LAMade purple dress – so much stuff I love! Thrifting is the best.

  5. Great Looks Lynne. I did a round-up of some of my Best Looks of 2012 too. Here is to a better, more stylish 2013!!

    I love Green on you and Polka Dots too. Great Belted looks, especially all the OBI Looks.

    Some of my faves: the David Meister strapless dress, the LBD with mint cardigan, the gray skirt with aqua & silver top, the khaki skirt with the white button down, the polka dot black dress & the gray dress with the sky blue cardigan & obi belt.

    I wish you a Beautiful Saturday Night & Great Sunday!!

  6. So many fun outfits, Lynne. Love the wavy hair; its very flattering on you.
    I think my two favorite outfits are the grey skirt/blue cardi combo….its very feminine and classic. I also really like the pencil skirt/cream button down combo and the black polka dot dress. All very classic looks.

    I love thrift too, and I enjoy showcasing my thrift outfits on my blog. I like encouraging others to thrift. Its really fun to not know what you might find and being surprised by the wonderful pieces you end up taking home.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Lynne

  7. Seeing these together it's awesome how your poses are all so different and your backdrops change. I looove that! Such great style, Lynne. I like the maxi ORANGE only because it stands out most LOL, how unlike me… A new blog – that should be fun.

  8. Love this round up! Yes, you are definitely a skirts and dresses gal 🙂
    I do love your party dress, but also your orange maxi dress too. The black and white dress, will it work with a shirt underneath -is that what you are planning?
    Look forward to the blog changes, and more beautiful outfits this year.

  9. What a wonderful showcase of preloved and currently loved outfits.
    My favorite item was a blouse that has a really pretty print. I have yet to wear it, but I think I might just get it out now, inspired by you.

  10. I think splitting your blog into two makes sense. Your growth as a fashion blogger has been steady and impressive; it isn't really consistent with blogging about paralegal stuff. Separating the two will give each subject its due and permit readers to focus on the one they care about most.

  11. I love all your outfits. They have a fun and sassy flair, yet still office appropriate. I'm sure I will be using your blog after graduation from my Paralegal degree.

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