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30 Days

30 Days

Or, I’m Truly Blessed with Great Friends

It’s a little less than 30 days, really, but at the end of this month, The Teen will undergo an unrelated donor bone marrow transplant in an attempt to cure her severe Sickle Cell Disease, and I will join the ranks of Those Who Do Not Work in Offices Anymore.


 The Deets: Karina Marisa Dress (gift from Patti via Karina Dresses); Naturalizer flats (gift from Megan Mae via eBay); Stoopid necklace flipped backwards so who bloody cares?
Please ignore me for a bit while I have an identity crisis. I might not even be joking right now.
Why more pics than usual? The Porch Mouse made me (see after the jump). Seriously, it’s because I wanted y’all to see the gorgeous and comfy shoes Megan Mae sent me.

 The bracelet is a trinket from a thrift shop clearance bin.
 I call these my Star Trek shoes.
Icky, cold rain. Dorky pic. Must share.
I am not the boss of my hair.
I had this grand plan to take pictures of my last month of official “9 to 5” pics, but I’m just not that grand. The truth is, if I’m not at work, I’m de-cluttering and cleaning my bloody house, getting it ready to host The Teen’s wiped out autoimmune system later this year. Or I’m filling out great gobs of paperwork for a major medical procedure that is also part of a significant research study. 
Also, due to the constant rain, The Absent-Minded Professor parked his grill in front of my photo wall. (The Porch Mouse is super ticked off, after telling all his friends that he is a rodent style blogger.)
Is The Good Will Hunting Paralegal going off quietly into the good night? No, but only because I’m a horrific insomniac. Hee. Plus, I can only afford to shop at the Goodwill, and I do have to go out in public sometimes, and I will eventually return to earning a living. I will keep you guys posted, and make an appearance here just often enough to share my love of secondhand clothes and to blather on about being a woman of a certain age (even if my kids wish I wouldn’t).
“Life changes in the instant. The ordinary instant.” ~ Joan Didion

P.S. I’m joining Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style because this lovely Karina Dress does make me feel more confident, alive, and visible ~ even on the days I kind of want to disappear for a bit.

28 Responses to 30 Days

  1. Hello, gorgeous! I've missed you, but understand you are crushed by all the to-do's upcoming. You look lovely here and your glorious red hair never fails to impress. We'll see you when you have the time to post, but will be thinking of you *all
    * the time.

  2. Huge, huge changes afoot in your life! Just remember: those who love you don't care that you are/are not a paralegal or a fashion blogger or a Goodwill maven. They love LYNNE, and see into your inner heart of hearts. You are not what you do for a living. You are YOU.

    And your bloggy fans, like me, will continue to read and cheer you on in your quest for good health for the Teen. Best of luck, and hang in there, kiddo!

  3. Oh those shoes are so fantastic on you! They are very space-like. You'll have another pair of silvery good ones going out to you on Monday.

    I've only got a week left at my job right now, so I'm also feeling the "gotta get dressed for the occasion" too.

    Karina dresses are magical on you.

  4. OH wow! It's going to be such a change for you! I certainly hope everything works out well both for you and The Teen!

  5. With so much big, important stuff going on in your life right now, it's really great you took a moment to check in and show off your pretty dress and awesome shoes. Good luck with all that big, important stuff.

    Also, they do totally look like Star Trek shoes, even if I'm not exactly sure why.

  6. Beam me up, beam me down, beam me side to side – I'm loving those Star Trek shoes. I love the whole deal here, Lynne. Your misbehaving hair is very rock and roll.

    So farewell to your work… I know how much you love it and what a difference you have been making in many people's lives – surely you will be greatly missed. I wish you the best in the new chapters ahead of you. I know you'll bring the same spirit and get-down-to-business attitude to the days ahead. I'm happy that The Teen is getting treatment. Hang in there all!

    And I look forward to continuing to see you here, with your clothing finds or anything else that comes to mind. Just remember, if you are feeling blue sometimes, that's what they made Photoshop for.
    Most of all, I hope you find some Good Sleep!! I'll send my elves over after they get through the mess here. Hugs, Lynne.

  7. Hello, gorgeous! Wow! What a massively challenging month you've got ahead of you. Love that dress on you and wishing you and the teen all the best for everything! xxx

  8. *sigh* Your life is hard; you're struggling mightily; and your exhaustion is apparent. I'm sorry, dear. My heart sobs for you.

    Don't put pressure on yourself to blog. Do it only if it makes you happy. We love you no matter what you do.

  9. I'm thinking of you as always dear Lynne. It makes me happy to see this post – you look beautiful and confident even if you're feeling anything but these days. I will continue to be praying for the Teen and making sure to check the Caring Bridge site. Many hugs and good thoughts coming out your way!

  10. (I hit "publish" and then I thought that I might have typo'd your name, but my comment is still pending so I'm not sure! So I'm going to go ahead and look silly and say sorry, just in case I did. L-Y-N-N-E!)

  11. I think of you and your family often, and what you-all are going through. You have so many people praying for you & yours. Blog when you feel like it; we'll keep reading. *hugs*

  12. I had not realized that this procedure for the teen also meant letting go of your job. I will have a compatriot in getting used to that–i'm realizing that a large part of my identity and daily routine was attached to that. I wish you well.

  13. So much to say … but wrapping it up in best possible wishes for you all is a start.
    You look GREAT … sweet shoes from Megan, and adorable dress, FABULOUS tousled hair look. I like it!
    Your professional life will be there when it's time to go back, I'm guessing. But if there's no getting around it, then I hope some of this hiatus will bring great memories and is in service of a wonderful, perfect outcome.
    Thinking about you lots.

  14. Hi Lynne,

    Firstly, you look fabulous.

    Secondly, here's believing that all is going to go super well for the teen. I'm sure you're getting tons of advise, all I can say is, be kind to you!

    Now don't not post, because as much as I enjoy your outfits, I enjoy reading about your life just as much.

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  15. Thinking of you and the Teen a lot of late, and missing you in Blogland, but I appreciate you have a lot going on.
    Good luck with everything. Keep positive, stay gorgeous, keep in touch. xxxxx

  16. As always, you look fabulous, Lynne. Wishing you and your family all the strength, loving kindness, peace of mind, and good health that you desire. And know your blogging buddies are here for you whenever you want. Take care, oxxo

  17. It's so lovely to hear from you Lynne. As was said above by wise ladies, you are you, not your job or your blogger-ness. And you can return back to work eventually and you can blog when you like. We love you for you.

    Lots of love and strength to you and your family xx

  18. Oh Lynne. I am thinking and praying for you and your family Lynne. I hope everything goes off perfectly for you all. You look beautiful as always and I am glad to hear that you will be sticking around. If you need anything, please let me know.

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