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A Good Fish

A Good Fish
“No good fish goes anywhere without a porpoise.” ~ Lewis Carroll

I wore a fish on purpose yesterday. I found this killer fish tie (where else but the Goodwill), and thought it would make a super cool obi belt, so I mailed it to Megan Mae to make an obi belt for me.

The Deets: P cardi knitted in Shetland Isles UK (Salvation Army $2.75!); 
Peruvian Connection denim dress (thrifted); obi fish tie (made by MMD); 
Liz & Co Mary Janes (jcp clearance $20); vintage brooches (family heirlooms)
I felt really good in this outfit. I enjoyed the bit of pattern mixing, the stretchy dress, the super soft sweater (freezing office), and the shiny bling clustered on the sweater.

A brooch cluster ala Gracey.
My signature guest mouse 🙂
My chin is leaving the building. Ah, the joys of 50!
I enjoy thinking up a background story for the man that wore this fish tie. He must have been quite a catch. Bwahahaha.

16 Responses to A Good Fish

  1. Oh, I love the obi belt! Very cool. You look great! You look thin. I am jealous. Did I say you look thin? (Putting my bag of M&Ms away now.) Lynne, I think about you often. I feel like I should know you IRL. 🙂


  2. Great idea to send the fish tie to Megan to work her magic. This ensemble has so many interesting elements with the touch of sparkle and the patterned denim dress. You are looking especially stunning today.

  3. Hee!! I was thrilled when I saw the fish tie! The first fish tie I ever bought wasn't nearly so cool. That sweater has a great cut to it. Finding a perfect fitting cardigan is one of the more difficult things in life I think.

  4. …but then he decided to move onto animal ties and so gave his fishy tie away?

    Hiya, guest mouse.

    I am glad to hear you felt good as you look truly splendid. Hands down, great accessorising xx

  5. What a cool tie and now belt! I fell for your pun hook, line and . . . (sorry). You look great and I am borrowing your clustered pins idea today. xoxo

  6. The whole outfit just works so well together – there's nothing to carp about! I love the mix of patterns and the lovely textures and perfect accessories!

  7. An inspired choice of tie for you to send to Megan to transform into an obi, the whole outfit is delightful and stylish and gorgeous, just like you, Lynne! Hair looking good, btw! xxx

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