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A Karina Dress Meets My Fluevogs

A Karina Dress Meets My Fluevogs

Some of you are going to be kinda shocked, but I forgot about my one and only pair of Fluevogs, which almost everyone refers to as my “robin’s egg blue pumps.” I put them away for the winter in their special Fluevog bag. I guess I put them away a li’l too well.

The Deets: Rita wrap dress (courtesy of Karina Dresses); Fluevog pumps ($99 clearance a couple of years ago); Bracelet (Goodwill); Scarab necklace (at least a decade old or more)

 The Teen made the bird house at camp in the 4th grade.
Our neighbors take recycling very seriously, as do we.

So that’s it for today. Lovin’ my rediscovered buttery soft leather ‘Vogs and my easy wrap dress. Several peeps were all, “Oh, wow, you look so great today!” and I felt kind of guilty because this is the kind of dress I go to when I don’t want to think about what I’m wearing. Actually wearing a soft flowing dress is for me a lot like wearing pjs to work.

A real plus to both of my Karina wrap dresses is that they stay put, no gapping, no flashing anyone by accident, and no constant adjustment to keep things together. Nary a safety pin tucked away for extra insurance. Tie once, and head out the door without another thought of potential wrap dress malfunctions.

What’s your take on wrap dresses, faux or otherwise? Love ’em or hate ’em?

21 Responses to A Karina Dress Meets My Fluevogs

  1. Lol! I didn't realize we both had linked to our bum pictures on Patti's blog!! Lol, we're awesome, Lynne. I love it.

    I have terrible luck with any kind of wrap. Usually the wrap goes across my boobs in the wrong direction. Lefty is bigger than righty and therefor the "wrap" is often done up wrong where it twists and falls.

    So love the look, hate the fit on me.

    Also very lovely to see your beloved Fluevogs again!

  2. Oh I really missed these pretty little shoes! I'm so glad they resurfaced. I love when that happens! I had a recent experience with a pair of black shorts. I love this dress on you and it goes with the shoes perfectly!

  3. Excellent outfit! I'm glad you excavated your Fluevogs – they're perfect with this dress. My go-to skirt for hot weather is a cotton wraparound circle skirt. I'm wearing it as I type…

  4. I adore the wrap dress style – faux or not. It looks great on you (and me, hee). Lovely to see your gorgeous baby blue Coffee Fluevogs again!

  5. Hi Lynne,

    Gorgeous. I love wrap dresses and you look stunning. Your fluevogs are so gorgeous!

    Awww, gotta love the kids crafts. I have a teapot Taryn made in kindergarten – although you can't pour out of it and the handle got broken – its one of my prize possessions.

    Hope alls going well with The Teen.


  6. Gorgeous, Lynne! As we've now established sisterhood-of-different-mothers, I have to tell you I have this dress too, and love wearing it. I don't have those awesome shoes though (message me if you need my address : >)kidding!, mostly xoxoxoxo

  7. The Fluevogs are perfect with this beautiful Karina dress. It drapes so softly and I'm drawn to the print. I'm going to have to check out the Karina site because this outfit is a stunner.

  8. Gorgeous outfit–the Fluevogs are PERFECT with that dress!!

    I shy away from wraps as it makes me too chesty! I haven't found one that works–I'm shortwaisted so the tie is never in the right -place..

  9. Thank you for that beautiful smile of yours, and that gorgeous blue dress.The shoes are perfection, dear Lynne.
    Comments like yours in my blog are worth dressing up every day.
    Love you too.

  10. Excellent paisley, Lynne! I love paisley, it makes me think of microbes under a microscope. I also love wrap dresses, although now that I think about it I don't actually have any summery ones right now, and I think I only have one cool-weather one. Memo to self: fix this deficiency posthaste.

  11. Love the colours and print on the dress. Wrap dresses look stylish and flattering, but they aren't practical for me – I don't like the insecurity of the tie fastening, the gap in the skirt always reveals too much leg when I walk, and the V front needs something underneath or there is too much cleavage on show! So that would be a no from me… I'm intrigued as to how yours stays in place when you move around!
    The shoes are such a pretty colour. xxxx

  12. You look stunning, no wonder you got so many compliments. Don't you find that when you're wearing the clothes you love you automatically relax, smile and feel good about yourself?
    Wrap dresses aren't for me, I feel they make me look angular. xxx

  13. I wish I could wear wrap dresses, they look fabulous and you look positively sexacious darling!! On me, wrap dresses have a life of their own and just want to flash my chichis to the world at large;) xoxo

  14. I'm pretty sure this is the most gorgeous Karina dress I've ever seen, and you've accessorized it perfectly – I'm thrilled to bits that you hung on to these Fluevogs through the shoe-purges so I get to see them again – LOVE!

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