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A Plethora of Military Jackets

A Plethora of Military Jackets

I’m prone to long for things other style bloggers are wearing. Even if I’d look like a warthog in a leisure suit wearing the same thing. So far I have not succumbed to the J. Crew knock-off bubble necklace craze, but they’re starting to show up in thrift stores and I can feel myself weakening. Stay strong, Self, because that necklace will wear you.

So I was on the olive colored military jacket craze, so on it that I got a little crazy when I couldn’t find one to thrift. Anywhere. Boo. It seemed like every other blogger on the secondhand blogging planet could obtain one as easily as purchasing a cheeseburger.

Then in one single weekend, I paid under $2 for a military jacket at our local Salvation Army, and $3.75 for another one at a local Goodwill. Sooooooooo happy. Yes, I am such a cheap date.

The Deets: No Boundaries Stretch Juniors jacket (Goodwill); Boat neck striped top (J. Crew Factory Outlet last year, about down to .50 per wear); Pleated linen skirt (Talbot’s clearance, I just plain love the wrinkles.)

The Deets: Live Life by Sanctuary fully lined jacket, missing belt (Salvation Army); Floral belt from a pair of 
The Costume Technician’s jeans about 12 years ago)
I know my feet look like pancakes in these Rocket Dogs but so comfy for running errands.
Meet the Front Porch Mouse. Photo hog.
Have you ever given up on thrifting that magical and much-desired article of clothing, only to stumble upon multiples?

17 Responses to A Plethora of Military Jackets

  1. Hello darling Lynne, I love this look on you so much!! The shape of the jacket is perfection – I would have battled you to the checkout for that two buck bargain – yep I'm a cheap date too, except that one was made for you:). I have a shocking weakness for jackets, particularly men's formal blazers. I stumbled across two gorgeous dress jackets in an op shop last winter and simply had to get them both – norty! 😉 xoxo

    When I didn't want or need a black classic jacket I saw millions in the thrifts. When I decided I needed one–I could find jackets in every color of the rainbow but NO BLACK!!! Took me 3 months to find it!!

    And now that I've seen your fabulous olive drab jackets I shall be spending the next several months in a fruitless quest for one of my own!!

    Bubble necklaces-ugh. My boobs are big enough. They need no bubbles!!

  3. Sweet jackets, Lynne! I was like that with culottes – I had to have them. Then I found your red Escada ones, then the green ones for me! It was a bonanza!

  4. You "stumbled" very nicely, Lynne. These jackets are great! And I adore a linen skirt like you're wearing here. And of course, a porch mouse. Gotta have a porch mouse to drive the porch cat crazy : >

  5. Isn't it crazy how that happens!? So glad you finally found your jacket…or two. I did that one day with a sleeveless, flowing cardigan vest thingy. Both gray. Both super cheap. Same day. One at Goodwill, one at Value Village. They were very similar to each other… but I NEEDED them BOTH. ha
    You can heave a big sigh of relief and check that military jacket off your list now. Whew! And you look waaaaay better than a groundhog in a leisure suit. 🙂

  6. Nooo, not the dreaded bubble necklace, lol! Great deals on these jackets, both fit you so beautifully and I love that belt you snagged from the Technician.

    P.S. I have a terrible chronic case of Pancake Feet myself but never knew what to call it! Now it is delicious. Thanks, Lynne! 🙂

  7. Cool look for a casual weekend!! I recently rediscovered an upcycled military jacket that I put away 10lbs ago. I might be able to wear it soon. I love yours and it goes to show, once again, that good things come to those who thrift. (Yes I have that title waiting in the wings.) Love you! P.s. your hair looks cool too, as always.

  8. Those jackets are fantastic!
    I have indeed had that happen, giving up on finding an item, only to find dozens! I tend to have runs of colour, too, like finding 5 frocks in two weekes in blue, for example!X

  9. You go girl! I love the jackets, and I would want one for myself except that when I wear drab green, my face goes drab green too.


  10. Double-win! After looking for new skinny jeans, I seemed to find several ones in quick succession.

    Your jackets are particularly good, as they will go with EVERYTHING. Even pjs… Xxx

  11. You are a great thrift shopper! I'm with you, I love military styled clothing too. You have styled this one in a fun and unique way… fun!

    blue hue wonderland

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