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A Pre-Post Tease…

A Pre-Post Tease…

…Or, How to Identify Boyfriend Jeans

I had a little time to myself today, and of course I did what all caregivers should do to relieve stress and increase the flow of positive endorphins, and went to the gym.

Um, okay, I didn’t. But where I went does start with a “G”. Does that count?

Er, I added the sparkles. Because Goodwill deserves them.

Ugh, I’m so busted. I went to a Goodwill store, where I often go, and don’t buy a thing. I just push a cart around for an hour or so…or more, look at interesting clothes, and make up stories about their past lives. I also re-home many of them to all my secondhand clothes loving friends – or would if I had an unlimited supply of dollars for postage and purchases.

Hey, don’t bust my chops. Chillaxin’ in th’ Goodwill is mostly a harmless vice. And I have a rule. When I bring home an article of clothing, at least one article of clothing already in my closet has to move on in The Great Circle of Clothes & Bling.

Inspired by some of my fave bloggers, including Tamera at The Menopausal Supermodel and Lisa of Dreamz-n-Wishz, plus a bunch of other style bloggers way cuter and younger than me, I’ve been fruitlessly searching for a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Only I find it challenging to identify these highly sought after jeans, especially in racks and racks of jeans not even sorted by size. What is the right color? How wide should the leg be? Can I bear to distress jeans? (No. It would distress me. Plus, in my personal style lexicon, seriously ripped stuff is to wear while painting the living room.)

But today, the thrifting heavens opened, and a pair of boyfriend jeans gloriously revealed themselves to me as follows:

All I have to say is, “Hell to th’ yeah,” and “Thank you for stating the obvious.”

The rest of my loot (and loot I did) will make an appearance in a post next week. Thanks for a fun and thrifty afternoon, Goodwill Industries of Eastern Carolina!

16 Responses to A Pre-Post Tease…

  1. Woo! Congrats on your magical find. I have a terrible Goodwill habit. I'd be in much better shape if I went to the gym instead of GW, but at least we're both well dressed!

    Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Yes, I agree, charity shopping is a very therapeutic activity, even if you just browse and rummage. I also have a running commentary in my head as I peruse the rails, usually featuring bloggers and who would wear what. I am looking forward to seeing you rocking those jeans, Lynne! xxx

  3. Cheers to roaming the Goodwill – it's a great stress-reliever. Do you ever get asked your opinion on a purchase? I love that. And hooray for well-labeled BF jeans : >

  4. The trick to finding boyfriend type jeands is look for classic palin straight leg jeans with no trendy embellishments. Like something your hubby would wear..

    YAY to finsding a pair!! Can't wait to see how you style them!

    Relaxing via thrifting is cheaper then wine or drugs!

  5. I'm so glad I found you here. I've been in and out, with very spotty commenting and posting. All I can say is I miss you, you look wonderful, and I am hoping and praying that the journey is going well so far. Please give my love to your daughter. XXXOOO

  6. i do the same thing at goodwill…i love browsing!! and yes, unless they are clearly marked as such, boyfriend jeans are hard to find. i'm glad you found some!

  7. Oh, thank you thank you thank you for being HERE!! And for being you. I love the way you describe your thrifting adventures. And Yes ma'am I think of you when I am in GW, and I think we gotta meet. I will come all the way to your neck of the woods, if you will take me to the best GW Boutique. Even if we don't find anything. I would like to stroll around and make up stories for the clothes too. Could you do it some Sunday afternoon?


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