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A Working Dress

A Working Dress

It occurred to me recently that when I buy clothes, either secondhand or new, I’m not only looking for pieces to wear to work, but for pieces that have to work hard.

What I’m really looking for is A Working Dress (or skirt or top or jacket or shoes).
The concept of a working dress hit me when I wanted to take some outdoor pictures of my crazy comfortable, wrap and go Karina Dress a couple of weekends ago. The Teen was going to take them on the way to the mall, where we planned to look for a prom dress (more about that in a separate post, complete with The Hallelujah Chorus).
The Deets:  rita ~ short sleeve, aqua paisley (Karina Dresses); Mary Janes (jcp $20 last year); F21 cuff Smurf tights keep jumping in my outfits lately. Live large! Did someone say breakfast?
But the wind was blowing so hard, I nixed the idea of outdoor pics. I stopped to get gas, and while I was pumping it, it occurred to me that I had on a great dress for pumping gas (photo op!), and truth be told, any dress that I buy is gonna have to
Yay, Frye boots!

pump gas (see pic)

haul kitchen trash (peee-yeeww)
shop Trader Joe’s (yaaaay!)
buy fast food to go (yuck)
scoop the cat box (double-yuck)
go to Walmart for socks (yawn)
chauffeur The Teen (James! Spader! not)
try not to be mean (in the post office line)
walk a wild dog (or two)
probably jog (wrong shoes, crap)
go to the bank (no money, crap)
pick up something rank (back to dogs)
wipe off coffee stains (“travel” mug)
survive spring rains (and wind see pic)
The End for Now
Gotta love a dress that works as hard as I do. Thanks, Karina Dresses, for understanding that I need a working dress.
Here’s a great way to add a hard working and beautiful Karina Dress to your wardrobe. With the All You Need Is Love membership, $99 gets you one free dress, plus $30 off any full-priced dress – on as many dresses as you like – throughout your membership period. And lots more. Or you can enter to win $1,000 in Karina Dresses in the Spring 2013 Dresstacular (Pin to Win)!

With my vintage MIA boots and my hair in my face (again)
What does your hard working dress (or pants or skirt or suit) have to do? Dear Creative Readers, if you want to add two lines to the above “poem”, I can keep this thang going!

23 Responses to A Working Dress

  1. I think this is the prettiest dress by this brand I've seen – love your first and last accessorizations especially.

    I am so with you on functional clothing! I would add:
    – be comfortable in wildly fluctuating temperatures
    – play-on-the-floor-able

    Working clothes are seriously awesome, but looking as gorgeous as you do is a whole 'nother level!

  2. Gorgeous dress! And tights – you are rocking the tights too my friend.
    Somehow the pet theme keeps coming to mind (aren't they high maintenance?). My dress has to haul/sweep the kitty litter and extra hair (one pound a day). On a happier note, my dress has to take me to 7-Eleven for a cup of *skinny* Salted Caramel Mochachino. I am not making this up!

  3. LOL I love your poem AND your dress! In real life, a piece of clothing HAS to work for you as much as it looks great. A wrap dress is certainly a good investment for this (and your BOOTS–I love when you wear those boots). I can totally relate to your poem. I would love to add to it, but I'm already so freaking tired from doing the same stuff you mention here that I don't know if I have the brain power to.

  4. How awesome! This dress looks marvelous on you, and I'm so glad you've discovered the Karina dresses work so well for you. I still haven't tried one myself, though I admire them across the blog world.

    I love this post for your shoes!! Hooray for new Fryes. They're gorgeous, and so are the last pair of boots too.

    (Also fwiw, I'm more of a Michael Shanks kind of girl when it comes to Dr. Daniel Jackson)

  5. I love paisley, and i love turquoise. Actually that dress looks exactly like my bedding (in a good way, I swear). I'm always doing things in my clothes that I shouldn't, it's like I'm asking them to get ruined! But like you said, we need a dress that works!
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Ahh, this is a fab post with all the variety in your photos. Yes, our clothing has to take us over many miles and if we can look this cute while doing it, Wow! I pumped gas today too, but I sure didn't look this good. And my hands smelled bad afterward too.

  7. I'm with LyddieGal – I love paisley and I love turquoise, and that is the prettiest Karina fabric I've seen yet! It looks great on you, and sounds like just the thing for a busy life. I try hard not to be busy, but maybe I should get a Karina dress anyway.

  8. Gorgeous print and i love the different ways you styled it!!
    i've been through the purgatory of prom dress shopping with my (then) teen and survived it–can't wait to see the reveal!!
    My hardworker needs to make me look 4 inches taller, 50 lbs lighter and 25 years younger. And come with either Mark Harmon or Keith Urban as arm-candy.

    I'm not asking for much……

  9. It is a wonderful dress! And it sure does look like it worked hard for you! I'll add "cook a meal" to the list because that seems like something a hard working dress should do too.

  10. Jon's just been standing behind me ogling you, cheeky monkey! You look fantastic in that dress, the print is stunning and you look adorable filling your car up.
    My dress/trousers/skirt have to make me feel fabulous, that's the law! xxx

  11. The Culottes Have Left The Building! Mailed them today – I hope they fit! I know they will be wonderful on you. Sorry it took so long.


  12. Wonderful outfit! There is something so, so appealing wonderful about the pairing of shades on the aqua/teal spectrum and warm brown. I became smitten with that palette around the time I was in grade seven (thanks to a checkered shirt I had back then in these hues) and have adored it ever since.

    ♥ Jessica

  13. Oh that is a pretty dress, I like the paisley print and the colours so much!
    I do think clothes have to function well, and be comfortable and get-around-able-in (that isn't a word but it should be) but I can't sacrifice the pleasures of style and colour and texture to achieve comfort and function. I want it ALL! xxxx

  14. I am crazy about this cute little dress
    It is so fun, the pattern is terrific and the colors are fabulous
    Hope you are having a great weekend

  15. What a pretty dress, it is gorgeous on you! And those vintage boots? Yum! The Smurf tights totally work. I'm not sure if I have anything that's hard-working in my wardrobe as I like shopping too much. 🙂 Oh, I know: my maternity tights and leggings! (Not so exciting but I simply need them to fit for two more months!).

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