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ABA Journal’s 3rd Annual Blawg 100 – Vote for Your Fave

So, I got the following email from the ABA Journal yesterday:

Dear Blawgger,

As proprietor of one of the more than 2,500 blawgs in the ABA Journal’s online directory, we thought you’d want to know that our annual Blawg 100 list was published today.

Now the real fun begins. We’ve invited our readers to vote for their favorite blogs from among the top 100 in each of 10 categories. Voting ends December 31. Winners will be featured in the February issue of the Journal.

Every year, the list has occasioned great debate about the state of the blawgosphere, terrific legal blogs that didn’t make the list, and how lawyers can benefit from the news and analysis being produced online every day by their colleagues nationwide. Indeed, the debate that occurs on blawgs like yours has done as much to promote the legal profession’s engagement with new media as the Blawg 100 list itself.

So we invite you to point your readers to the Blawg 100 and continue contributing to that conversation.

Thank you for the news and analysis you provide the legal community on your blog.

Edward A. Adams
Editor and
ABA Journal

Hey, you’re welcome, Ed.

Okay, I got a wee thrill from being thanked by the ABA Journal for being a “proprietor” (I think this is a fancy word for “chief bottle washer”) of a blawg for paralegals, even though the Journal is obviously spreading these thank-you notes around like peanut butter.

And I was okay with Practical Paralegalism not being on the list, because I know I’m a red-headed stepchild amongst legal bloggers, i.e. a paralegal. Plus, I already got a Medal of Awesomeness from Social Media Law Student which is on the Journal’s Top 100 list and therefore makes me even more awesome by association, so I’m good.

Also, one of my favorite bloggers, TheMacLawyer, compiled a list of paralegal blogs today, and I’m on that, so now I have additional confirmation that someone besides my mom and those really persistent people trying to cure erectile dysfunction know about Practical Paralegalism. I feel kind of like Kathy Griffin, workin’ the figurative and fabulous D-list of the legal blogging world with last season’s pink satin frock from the TJ Maxx clearance rack and bad bangs.

But per Ed’s nice request, I’m pointing your attention to the ABA Journal’s awesome list of its 100 top blogs. Not only are many of them already in my RSS feed, but you might want to add some of them to yours, too.

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