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ABA Journal’s Pick for Top Legal Blog of 2008

ABA Journal’s selection for best legal blog of 2008 in the news and politics category goes to Above The Law “A Legal Tabloid.” I checked it out and this blog is definitely my cup of tea. Mostly written in a dry, wry and “thou shalt not take thyself, the law or anyone else too seriously” tone and edited by Elie Mystal (who won the “ATL Idol” competition to become the new Editor-In-Chief of ATL in August 2008 and whose ATL profile pic resembles a cross between a cranky Stitch and a vampiric Tweety Bird), this blog delivers the latest legal news in an entertaining “take no prisoners” style. I like it.

However, if your stomach is a bit weak, the most recent entries are a bloodthirsty account of the many, many law firm layoffs which have occurred in the last week. There is even a survey asking whether today, Thursday, February 12, 2009 should be known as “Black Thursday”, “Pink Thursday”, “Bloody Thursday”, “Terminator Thursday”, “The Thursday the Music Died”, “The Valentine’s Day Massacre”, “The Return of John Wilkes Booth” or “Thin the Herd Thursday”. (I’m torn between “John Wilkes” and “Thin”). And even in the midst of all this bad news (you can go to ATL directly for a roster of the firm job massacres and a rising body count), the following quote from a federal judicial clerk elicits a horrified guffaw: “I know the federal budget is set, but this almost makes me want to chain myself to my desk so they can’t make me leave. People at firms must be quaking in their Manolos.”

Of course I’m adding Above the Law to my list of favorite blogs.

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