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All that Glitters Is…

All that Glitters Is…


Or probably on this sweater.

The Shiny Deets: Cynthia Steffe skirt (no $ due to big consignment store credit); i.e. relaxed cardigan (Salvation Armani Army); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon); Rhinestone stretch bracelets (Jada’s Jewels)

Also, beauty is in the eye of the bling holder. I read that somewhere. Or maybe I read it here…

Do I look just like a 5th grader? Not as smart?

I didn’t get as many admiring looks as I would have given to someone else wearing this awesome sparkly sweater TO. THE. OFFICE. and OUT. IN. PUBLIC. The looks I got I interpreted more as follows:

  • What are you, six years old? (I do like to re-visit my elementary school style. Love the MJs!)
  • Bless your heart, I am so sorry your Christmas tree attacked you while taking it down. (HAH! It’s still up.)
  • Gurrrrrl, tacky/ugly sweater season is so over. (I believe in celebrating it year ’round.)
  • Your slip is showing. (Wut! That’s a pleated underskirt on a designer skirt. Get a clue!)
  • Are those Mary Janes? (Yes, but according to Sheila, they are bondage-tastic, and according to Curtise, they are ballerina kickass, thank you very much.)
Again, go big or go home. (WendyB, there’s a necklace in here somewhere: GBoGH or GOB/GOHM. Hmmm, maybe split up as rings for both hands?… πŸ˜‰

33 Responses to All that Glitters Is…

  1. I like how you wrote that people didn't look at you the way you would have looked at them wearing the same thing. Sometimes I think people forget to switch ON when they get out of bed.
    This is an awesome sweather. And skirt! And bling. The office needs to have such things worn to it. You look fantastic. I love your ring concept – I like to say that about my painting too.

    • I often find what others are wearing to be terribly eye-catching, and I know you do, too, with your beautiful pattern and clothing mixes, and fabulous street style photos. I'm that person who's always saying, "I love your sweater!" or "I love that color on you!"

  2. I love the layered skirts so much! The micro-pleating is perfect as an underlayer. Yay for bondagetastic!

    I'm totally in agreement: go big or go home. Put on those Big Girl Pants and rock it, Lynne!

  3. I am in love with the skirt and think it could be styled so many great ways
    For me personally, I am not a big fan of this type of sweater. I feel like it is kind of dated, but the love of an item is in the eye of the beholder!!
    Hope the teen is doing better.

    • Brett, I too am crazy about this skirt, especially given what Cynthia Steffe clothes cost new. This cardi is just part o' my grandma style, I guess πŸ™‚ I am so drawn to vintage or anything my mom or grandmas would have worn back in in the day. Plus, I'm crazy about the contrast stitching, ribbon binding, and the rather planetarium look of the beading πŸ™‚

  4. What a pretty skirt Lynne! I totally agree with you–I often don't have the same thought process as the general public when it comes to style. I would never say something like that! I like the sparkles and I LOVE Mary Janes! The nerve of some people. Oh well. We can't all have your fabulous sparkle lady!

  5. That is a gorgeous skirt. I am also a fan of sparkle and of Mary Janes.
    I can't believe people comment on outfits like that. Although one day I wore a cotton maxi skirt and my oldest son who was visiting (he's 30) called me sister Hezahkiah.

  6. Oh PEOPLE! They just don't get it, do they? From side-eye to raised eyebrows to "that's….unusual" comments, and then there's the ignoring of perfectly delightful outfits, how very rude! I think you look cute as a button, Lynne, love the sweet little cardigan and the layer at the hem of the skirt is gorgeous.
    Kick some ass, Ballerina Girl! xxxxx

  7. It features pink and black and what appears to be tweed (or something like it) in the skirt. This outfit could not possibly be more perfect, from my point of view. Sparkles are just icing on the perfection cake.

  8. Like Amber said, life is fleeting — do the bling! You look fabulous and I love the alternate names for the shoes. Will steal them : >

    • I think I might, Tamera. I confess to perhaps being a li'l OTT sometimes for conservative offices, but my shoes and accessories are often my only real entertainment on long days πŸ˜›

  9. I think the whole outfit is very cool. The beading on the sweater has a galaxy planets vibe. Very cool.

    I remember once at work a girl was giving a guy hell for having mixed patterns. He had on a very attractive shirt and tie and looked great to me. What I thought was really funny is that she looked like a rumpled kid trying to look preppy and she was giving him crap? Really? I tried to stand up for him, but she thought she was the fashion authority, ha!

  10. Hello! Fab outfit – NOT ENOUGH SPARKLE for me – I say throw on some glittery eye shadow and some sequinned boots as well! LOVE this line: "I didn't get as many admiring looks as I would have given to someone else"

    Sarah xxx

  11. That is a very cute outfit! You look great in your glitter. πŸ™‚

    I like shiny and glittery things, too. Like a magpie, I am drawn to them, as is my daughter. I wore a sparkly holiday shirt to work last week, too, so you are not alone! Unfortunately, I have been less than stellar in taking outfit pictures and now my home computer has crashed and burned…soooo, nothing in the near future I'm afraid.

  12. New to this blog and to being a paralegal, but I am DEFINITELY on a budget and thanks to you now have discovered so many ways to wear the clothes I have! Your blog is such an inspiration to me and I enjoy it so much. I LOVE the skirt/pleating.

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