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Another Fictional Paralegal – And This One’s a Boy!

Another Fictional Paralegal – And This One’s a Boy!

You guys know that Practical Paralegalism likes to show the diversity of paralegals working today, including giving equal time to the guys.

So, I would be remiss (very, very remiss) not to show you a picture of television’s latest fictional paralegal, Jasper Goodwin a/k/a Jaz, as played by Chad Connell in the new Lifetime movie, Double Wedding.

Tia and Tamera Mowrey play twin sisters (a stretch!) who fall for the same man. Jasper, paralegal to Tia’s lawyer character, Deanna, is the one who sets her up on the blind date with Tate (it rhymes!), the confused object of both sisters’ affections. (Actually, one reviewer says Jaz set Deanna up on a dating site without her knowledge. Can’t you get fired for that?)

The movie debuted on June 20, 2010. Did anyone see it? Did Jaz do anything paralegal-y?

By the way, this cute Canadian actor is @ChadJC on Twitter, and as of today, only has 1,026 followers. You can get in early, before he blows up like Ashton…

2 Responses to Another Fictional Paralegal – And This One’s a Boy!

  1. A paralegal like that could almost convince me to become a lawyer…almost. 🙂
    You'll have to check out the paralegals on Drop Dead Diva. One of them (Teri Lee played by Margaret Cho) is even described as a 'smart-mouthed paralegal'.

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