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Another Paralegal Gets New Home from TV Show

Another Paralegal Gets New Home from TV Show

Good things happen in threes, so I’m expecting to do another post about a paralegal getting a new home from a TV show in the very near future. After blogging only yesterday about a paralegal and her family receiving a new home from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, it’s a neat coincidence to read that another paralegal and a single mother, Laurie O’Hara from Parsippany, New Jersey, is also getting help after her home was severely damaged by fire in January.

The Jan. 24 fire tore through the three-floor bi-level home on the corner of Doric Avenue and Homer Street, destroying nearly all the family’s possessions and ultimately causing the death of one of their two dogs, Iggy a year-old Schnoodle.

“These scenarios run through your head of what could have happened if we were home,” O’Hara, a paralegal, said this week. “It’s devastating. The hardest part was losing my parents’ things, Mother’s Day cards made by my kids, little things that with the loss of our dog, I faced a daily battle of crying.”

Open House NYC selected O’Hara’s house for a complete overhaul; its television debut will air on WNBC on December 20.

Despite losing most of the family’s personal possessions and a beloved pet, O’Hara feels blessed by the support of her community, “The help that we got is phenomenal, from people I don’t even know. Teams at the high school raised money, I received calls, offers of clothing, it was just amazing.”

This will be a very special holiday for O’Hara and her children.

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