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Are Paralegals Getting Their Own National Anthem?

Are Paralegals Getting Their Own National Anthem?

Probably not, but that unreal attorney (really, I mean “unreal” as in “not real” but I guess the slang meaning of being outrageous is also applicable) Richard Prickman tweeted this on December 1, 2009:

Wow, that’s eerie. Every morning I get up and solemnly say, “God save the Queen. And the paralegals.”Not really.Uh, thanks, Mr. Prickman.Lest we all get big heads and think that Mr. Prickman loves him some paralegals, he also tweeted “God save the court reporters” and “God save the lawyers” on the same day.Related Posts: Follow “Lawyer” Richard Prickman on Twitter; This Paralegal Aint Snookered by Cartoon Lawyers

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