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Attorney Hires Paralegal to Emphasize Customer Service

I could have included New York attorney Scott Humble’s addition of paralegal Lindsay Carlson to his expanding law practice as a small line item under new hires in my regular “Paralegal News Clips” but I think the reason that he added Carlson to his staff is important to highlight.

Humble told The Post-Journal that he is focusing on customer service:

As part of the expansion to Mayville, Humble is placing special importance on customer service. That is why he hired Lindsey Carlson, paralegal, as the designated go to person for all his client’s cases.

”The biggest complaint I hear about other law practices is there doesn’t seem to be an emphasis on customer service,” he said. ”Well, with Lindsey we will be able to cover every aspect of customer service from returning phone calls to sending e-mails to allow people to know every little step. People will definitely know what is going on with their case.”

It’s no secret that the number-one complaint that clients have about lawyers is the failure to return telephone calls quickly enough (or at all). An experienced paralegal working closely with her supervising attorney is the ideal staff member to respond to client telephone calls and emails within 24 hours, as well as to let a busy attorney know which clients’ concerns are urgent and require a direct call from him as soon as he is available.

A paralegal can’t answer every client question and certainly can’t provide legal advice, but her quick and caring responses can go a long way toward reassuring anxious or upset clients that the lawyer is aware of their concerns and will address them promptly.

2 Responses to Attorney Hires Paralegal to Emphasize Customer Service

  1. Nice post, Lynne! This is certainly one of the primary functions of a good paralegal, and it is one that many attorneys could not handle even if they had the time. It's great that you read with insight.

  2. Thanks, Robert. I'm lucky to work for a firm where the attorneys do place a priority on speaking personally to their clients, but there are some that prefer talking to me 😉

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