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Attorney Receives ABA Award for Excellence in “eLawyering”

Attorney Receives ABA Award for Excellence in “eLawyering”

North Carolina attorney Stephanie L. Kimbro, owner of the completely virtual law office (VLO) Kimbro Legal Services, LLC in Raleigh, is this year’s recipient of the ABA’s James I. Keane Memorial Award, which recognizes legal offices or organizations that have developed Internet service innovations. Ms. Kimbro’s firm provides estate planning and small business assistance online. The award will be presented at the ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago.

A Virtual Law Office (VLO) is open to the online public and prospective clients 24/7. Clients register and accept the terms and conditions of the VLO to receive their own secure homepages. From the homepage, a client may request legal services, communicate with the attorney or legal assistant to receive legal services, upload and download documents, complete online legal forms, update client information and pay invoices, among other features. Using the backend of her virtual law office, Kimbro is able to work with clients online and handle all administrative tasks of a law practice anywhere she may access the Internet with minimal overhead and costs. This form of virtual law practice provides the public with access to more convenient and affordable quality legal services.

Kimbro is the co-founder of Virtual Law Office Technology (VLOTech) which creates and hosts VLOs for other solo and small firm legal practitioners nationwide. She has taught a CLE session for the N.C. Bar Association entitled “Virtual Law Practice: Technology and Ethics Considerations” and has published an ebook available online entitled, Practicing Law Online: Creating a Web-Based Virtual Law Office. Kimbro is also on the faculty at Solo Practice University, a new web-based educational community for legal professionals where she teaches a course on virtual law practice.


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  1. I’m exploring virtual law office capacities myself. I recommend doing a Google search on the subject to find publications and blogs, as well as networking with experts such as the ones listed on the faculty of the new Solo Practice University. I am keeping an eye on the website to see when courses will be posted and what the fees will be.

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