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Bankruptcy and Litigation Still Hot Legal Specialty Areas

Bankruptcy and Litigation Still Hot Legal Specialty Areas

Robert Half Legal has issued a press release with the results of its latest specialty area survey question answered by 300 attorneys from large Canadian and U.S. law firms and corporations.

In response to the question, “In your opinion, which one of the following areas of law will experience the most growth in the next three months?” 32% of the respondents said bankruptcy and foreclosure, and 22% said litigation.

“Economic conditions continue to fuel demand for specialists in bankruptcy and litigation,” said Charles Volkert, executive director of Robert Half Legal. “These specialties are broad in scope, since they are not restricted to specific industries or client types. Their wide reach, combined with the complex financial issues that individuals and businesses face, may result in ongoing demand in this area.”

Volkert added that the need for legal professionals is especially strong within small-to-midsize firms. “The uptick in litigation for insurance defense, personal injury, labor and employment, medical malpractice, and foreclosure is driving the need for experienced professionals in these areas,” he said.

Robert Half Legal offers a Salary Calculator at its website, which I tested by checking the salary of a senior level paralegal working for a law firm of 10 or fewer attorneys in my zip code, and the salary range, $43,750 – $55,500, was accurate. I recommend trying it yourself for your demographic area, level of experience, and law firm size.

Charles Volkert was also the guest expert on The Paralegal Voice at Legal Talk Network’s first monthly podcast, “New Hiring Trends in the Paralegal World.” He was very generous with his experience and provided a great deal of helpful information about the specialty areas and skills in the greatest demand. I recommend that you check out the free podcast, if you haven’t already.

Source: PR Newswire

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