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Bar Finds “Aspiring Lawyer” Exceeded Reach – and Then Some

On April 12, 2010, I blogged about North Carolina self-described legal assistant and “aspiring lawyer” Darius Little, one week newly appointed to the Durham Planning Commission, and then the next week scheduled for scrutiny for alleged unauthorized practice of law (UPL) by the N.C. State Bar’s Authorized Practice Committee.

According to local media reports, the bar review did not go well for Little. First, he did not show up for the hearing, although at least one of his alleged victims, Richard Carew, did. After reviewing the evidence, the committee voted unanimously to seek a court injunction to prevent Little from engaging in UPL.

But the committee did not stop there; it also voted unanimously to assist the Durham County District Attorney’s Office in its criminal prosecution of Little for allegedly misrepresenting himself as a lawyer. Per The Herald-Sun, this investigation is “likely to produce further legal troubles for Little, an ex-convict who served 9 1/2 months in prison last decade.” One warrant against Little for the felony charge of obtaining property by false pretense has already been issued.

Carew, a 62-year old wheelchair-bound man, seems to have been a compelling witness in the UPL complaint against Little. His complaint that Little purported to negotiate a $750,000 settlement of a malpractice claim on his behalf against Duke University deeply disturbed the bar committee. The committee reviewed a mediator’s report on an official state Administrative Office of the Courts form that was allegedly fabricated by Little.

Little’s appointment to the Durham County Planning Commission was also rescinded, with the commissioners who supported the appointment taking some heat over it.

As if these events alone weren’t enough to put the kibosh on this “aspiring attorney’s” dreams, a misdemeanor summons has been issued against Little for the alleged failure to return a $1,200 LCD television to a local rental center.

It sounds like Little needs to hire a real lawyer of his own.

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