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Big Labels on th’ Cheap at Salvation Armani

Big Labels on th’ Cheap at Salvation Armani

Okay, it’s really Salvation Army, but I heard someone call it Salvation Armani once, and that’s the only way I think of it now.

The Deets: Jones New York wool blend jacket (Salvation Army); Loft top (Salvation Army);
Talbots trouser jeans (thrifted); Life Stride loafers (old); 
Doggie pin (Amazon last year. I really wanted a doggie pin).

After moaning and whining in my last post about why I can’t stop shopping, even if it’s only at Goodwill and secondhand stores, I’ma confess that I felt really stressed out earlier that day, and that this new-to-me blazer and top were merrily being washed even as I was writing and whining.

Blue girl, happy funky blue wool blend girl.

I did ask y’all why I could not stop shopping, and Aya of the lovely blog, Couturgatory, enlightened me and made me feel tons better about myself (hey, this secondhand style blogging thing is almost like free therapy, except for the part where I spend money thrifting part…). Aya’s comment at my last post was so awesome, I have to share it:

I relate completely to your closet-stuffing woes. I keep going over trying to purge things, but they’re things that fit and things I like very much.

My unfounded theory is that searching for treasures and exploring is an instinct we have from ancestry- women traditionally searched through areas for gatherable food, humans explored and settled new land, etc.

I think we want to explore and discover and get that positive reinforcement from finding treasure. Careers make us very specialized now, when many of us still instinctively want to keep learning new things. Thrifting is (hopefully!) a mild and harmless form of satisfying that and decompressing from the rest of life.

~ Aya of Couturgatory (November 2013)

This blouse does not wrinkle. I will never part with it.
I love this quote and Aya. We can’t help treasure-hunting. It’s genetic. It’s reinforced voluntary behavior. (I’m taking a developmental psychology class right now. Be prepared for lots of big behaviorist theories to pop up in posts, as I’m now the very clueless equivalent of a college freshman expert in why humans do what they do. Except I’m old, but humans still surprise me every now and again.)
Who said I’m too old for a doggie wearing a cat coat pin?
But Aya’s right. As vices go, it’s relatively harmless. Unless your family has sent a video of your home to the producers of Hoarders and you haven’t been able to find your pets since that last truckload of goodies you hauled in from Goodwill. 
Then it’s harmful, but you can still blame it on genetics. Addictive personality, dontcha know.

19 Responses to Big Labels on th’ Cheap at Salvation Armani

  1. That's a great comment from Aya and a very good way to look at it!! I think I could safely blame my shopping addiction on genetics, my mom loves a good deal, my grandma loved good deals…

    Speaking of things I love, I love the doggie pin, right down to the cat coat detail – how crazy cute is that?

    Also saw your FB post this morning and sending more good vibes to the Teen. Always thinking of you guys!

  2. I think she hit the nail on the head. It's also the thrill of the hunt for me when I thrift. It's fun to think about something's journey prior to it ending up in Goodwill. Hope all is well with you and the family!

  3. I do love her comment and found myself nodding along with it.

    I do love that look on you. Blue is always wonderful. What do you think of orange? love it? hate it? I have a silk collar button up Talbots blouse in orange small that might work for you. Let me know. I think blue and orange are great friends.


    • In my dotage, I like orange better than I ever thought I would 🙂 I found some pics I forgot to post of me wearing an orange floral Talbots tank (thrifted) with a tangerine Talbots cardi (super clearance) earlier this year. You remind me to share them (especially since kiddo is having a rough week) and that orange is grand! And you're absolutely right – perfect with blue. This odd wool blend jacket fits really well, and is a great run-around piece for our strange warm fall almost winter weather.

  4. Aw, yay. Thank you for the shout out, Lynne! I must say your blog posts certainly give the impression that you're intelligent and well-balanced, and not on the hoarder side of things at all. In fact, you come across as frugal and very willing to work within your budget.

    I've discovered Salvation Armani, myself lately. I have a raincoat now that I would feel more guilty about, except it fits perfectly, looks like a military princess gown, and cost me $5.50. I figure $5.50 is an okay amount to spend on myself dancing and twirling in my bedroom in my new coat. (:

  5. Oh, I love the loose fit of the blouse on you! Very nice! I definitely find shopping and thrifting rather satisfying, except for when it's stressful (like pants-shopping). I try not to make it a "reward" too often unless it's something small, but I've been idly internet-shopping for an inexpensive but nice pair of pyramid stud earrings, and there's something soothing about it.

  6. Yes! to the blues, and the doggie pin. I too noted Aya's comment as a most credible explanation for our shopping behaviors. Perhaps a paper will be written about this for your college class? With a lot of research?? : >

  7. I just adore this new blog of your's my dear, it's a wonderful way to share your marvellous creativity and is in itself a way to indeed decompress. Which is vital at this critical point in your life. Thrift away my friend, it's such a happy hobby and one doesn't feel the negatives of shopping that we feel when spending up big on new stuff. Aya is insightful. After all, when we've had enough of wearing or using something, it just gets popped into a bag and sent to a thrift store – win-win!!! Big hugs to you and I promise more new hair pics very soon 😊 xoxoxoxoxo

  8. Blogger was hungry and ate my comment! But I love the new blog, a wonderful creative outlet especially at this critical time in your life. Aya is one very clever woman! And when we tire of our thrifted goodies, they just go back to the store to be loved by their next owner! Big hugs my lovely and more red-hair pics to come xoxoxoxo

  9. Interesting explanation! We could doubtless change it if we really wanted to (as with all behaviours – I'm not big on a genetic view of personality or behaviour) but yes, it's harmless enough as long as we can afford it and we don't become overwhelmed.
    You look so smart and chic, Lynne! Cute doggie brooch too. xxx

  10. LOVE that blouse.

    Aya has excellent insight into both fashion and theory.

    I could probably stop shopping for years and be okay. But I still do it because it is fun, I get enjoyment from the Hunt. But I also keep it in balance with how much space I logically have and how much I can afford to keep up with.

  11. We can all relate to wanting to shop and wanting to collect. Finding those designer gems in the salvation army is like some huge positive affirmation, like you are good amazing person who deserves nice things – this was meant for you to buy and take home and hold on to forever!
    And it's just so darn therapeutic.
    Chic on the Cheap

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