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Bill Statsky’s Links of Interest for Paralegals

Bill Statsky’s Links of Interest for Paralegals

William “Bill” Statsky is one of the foremost experts on paralegals in the country, the author of numerous paralegal and legal writing textbooks, including the one used in introductory paralegal courses nationwide, Introduction to Paralegalism: Perspectives, Problems and Skills (Delmar Cengage Learning) now in its 7th edition.

He is also very generous with his knowledge on some of the national paralegal listservs. Even though he’s busy with various projects, every now and then Bill emails me links of interest to the paralegal profession, which I’ll share with you, and will also list at Practical Paralegalism’s left sidebar under “Bill Statsky’s Recommended Links for Paralegals“. He is an incredible source of useful and current information for paralegals, but when I tried to talk him into using Twitter, he joked that he’d look into it as soon as he gets his house hooked up to electricity.

Bill’s most recent links of interest, which I’m posting in full so that you can simply copy and paste them as favorites into your browser, include a litigation job search resource, free federal case law research, quick access to the laws of every state and a review of two popular legal research software applications:,, sign up for email alerts for paralegal and related jobs in litigation support

Guide to Law Online,,, comprehensive links to the laws of every state

Open Jurist,, free access to federal case law

▪”Legal Research Pits Casemaker vs. Fastcase“,

If you live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, California or Florida, Bill has published new Essential Rules, Documents and Resources for paralegals in these states:

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  1. I was interested to read the comparison of Casemaker and Fastcase. The Alabama State Bar offers Casemaker to its members and we just started using it at our office. While the search language takes some getting used to, and it takes more than one or two clicks to make sure the case is good law, I am glad state bars are offering free or inexpensive search services. Our small office can save a great deal of money by taking advantage of this free service, once we get used to it. Hooray for bar associations helping out their solo and small firm lawyers!

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