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Blogger Giveaway: Win a Kirna Zabete for Target Dress

Blogger Giveaway: Win a Kirna Zabete for Target Dress
Kirna Zabete for Target Long-sleeve High-Low Hem Shirt Dress

My local “GW Boutique” hunting (GoodWill in case any of y’all think this post is going anywhere fancy, although you could in this Kirna Zabeta for Target long-sleeve high-low hem shirt dress) has gotten crazy good recently. I think peeps seriously clean out their closets around this time of year. If you follow me on Th’ Twitter, you’ll know I saw Armani at GoodWill on Saturday. 
This Kirna Zabete for Target black and white dress was hanging with the sweaters. I’m pretty sure someone hid it, with plans to come back for it later. But I saw the stars, oh my, all the pretty stars (that’s the black and white fabric) – this baby is fully lined with stars – and brought it home with me. Because I’m rich. Uh, because I’m absolutely not rich, doh.

And not because I can wear it. It’s XLarge (XL). But because one of you can wear it, and I love you. Or you can make two skirts and a pussy bow blouse out of it (you know who you are). I can’t find specifics for Kirna Zabete sizing, other than “women sizing with a contemporary fit.” The elastic waist, fully stretched out, is 44″.  The front hem measures 20″ from the elastic waist to the hem. You can see the model is rockin’ this as a dress, but I think it would look pretty cool as a separate with leggings, skinnies, or slim skirts. I also think it would look great worn partially unbuttoned over a plain sheath dress or tank/cami and skirt combo.

How do you enter to win this dress – and do whatever you want with it, including give it to a friend who’s the right size (only nice things please, the fabric is really, really pretty)? Simply comment at this post and tell me how you’d wear it if you win it. Yes, my international friends, please enter, too, if you want it. Regular postage (nothin’ fancy, peeps) is my treat.
Since it’s the Holidaze, the deadline to comment at this post and enter to win all these stars is Monday, January 7, 2013.

23 Responses to Blogger Giveaway: Win a Kirna Zabete for Target Dress

  1. Ha! I've been lucking into stars lately, so this dress could also be mine. If it fit, and it might- I'd wear it with textured leggings or tights or if I had 'em black leather leggings and big girl shoes.

    • Brett, I'll confess most of 'em sorta stink, but I swear upon washing on cold on a delicate cycle, or if not machine washable, cleaning with Dryel when I get home. This dress was unearthed at the big central GW in Winston-Salem, but the big new one on Peters Creek Parkway is pretty phat, too πŸ˜›

  2. Ok, I'm officially entering. I would definitely layer it. Who knows over what, I'd have to run it past my closet to see what wants to cling up close to it. hmmm. Maybe my transparent black organza pants, with THE boots and those wide weave fish net tights, leave the dress (partially?) open over a lightweight tunic top and use the belt as a scarf. I think it has lots of possibilities. yeah. ooo, I know wear it with my new hot pink snakeskin boots I got at the new neighborhood satan thrift store.

  3. Lynne! hi! I would wear it with my black leggings and low boots in the winter and… with my silver vera wang sandals in spring thru autumn. yup, got it all figured out. LOL.

  4. This is a gorgeous dress. I'd enter if I knew this piece wouldn't languish in my closet until I did a resize. Incredible find! I'm like you, get me to that satan thrift store for hot pink snakeskin boots?!! And Armani in the GW!

  5. THAT DRESS IS AMAZING. I would love to add it to my collection though a few sizes too big for me. So sign me up.

    I would probably wear a skinny patent leather bow belt with it, a colorful statement necklace over the collar and sexy black booties. As far as earrings probably some silver hoops – not too big. How does that sound? Large size or not I would make it work!! =)

  6. This is a sweet find and so generous of you to think of others and to do a giveaway! That is super awesome and it just goes to show there are good people still in this world πŸ™‚

  7. Hmmm…how would I wear it? Let me count the ways. First of all, it's my size, no alteration needed. First, I would probably put a black vest over it, remove the self belt and wear a handmade lowslung leather belt, unbutton several lower buttons, put on my faux leather leggings, and wear booties. I'd finish off that look with a long black/red/white tie dyed scarf from India flung over my shoulder, and maybe my black news boy cap.

    Next I would unbutton it and wear it as a coat over a maxi dress belted low on the hip, with my wedge boots, long necklaces and giant hoop earrings, letting the dress/coat billow out behind me as I walk down the street. I think I'd have to add my black fedora for attitude, plus some button flowers from Megan for texture and color.

    And then and then and then…!! What a great find!! You're making my creative juices flow.

  8. It's cold up here and I'd be wearing it open as a cardigan layered over some pretty red flowered top. I'd be most likely wearing slim dark pants with it though I could see a black pencil skirt underneath as well. Tights. Solid tights with socks hidden in knee-high boots. Did I mention it was cold? πŸ˜›

    Truth be told, it'll likely be too big for me and I may ask my gorgeous co-worker to try it on. She's got a million colourful accessories that would go wonderfully with it..

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