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Budget Career Deal: Cropped Power Pants

Budget Career Deal: Cropped Power Pants

One of my supervising attorneys, the lovely and talented Helen Parsonage, almost never wears pants to the office. So my jaw dropped when she walked in yesterday morning wearing one of this season’s hottest trends: cropped pants.

New York & Company cropped pants

And she was wearing them to court, which is the seal of approval for the latest trends in conservative offices.

Her very chic pants reminded me that I received an invitation earlier this week to speak at a legal department’s corporate retreat. I was told the dress code would be casual, “Absolutely no jeans, but cropped pants are okay!” See cropped pants are cropping up everywhere. Sorry, I had to go there.

Helen’s are from New York & Company, and are described as “power pants” online. She bought two pairs during the buy one pair, get one pair free sale.

So I went imaginary shopping and bought these:

Aw, man, I might have to go the New York & Company at the mall for realsies, tho’…

9 Responses to Budget Career Deal: Cropped Power Pants

  1. Love those window pane checked pants. ( I think that's the correct name) I remember my mother having some of those back in the early 70's. Very hip!

  2. Now this is a great example of being divided by a common language. I KNOW pants means trousers. I KNOW. But in the UK, your pants are your knickers/scanties/undies, whatever word you choose. So the idea of Power Pants has me chuckling! Mine are big enough to be Powerful, I reckon.
    Anyway, your attorney's trousers look great, and of course this is a style that suits you very well. No mall though, Lynne, remember your shopping embargo? Ahh, rules, even self-imposed ones, are there for the breaking, aren't they?! xx

    • Curtise, now I'm laughing at our stupid American power pants…lol. Oddly, enough I think Americans really differentiate between pants (outerwear) and panties (underwear).

      I also cheated and went to NY&Co tonight, and all of the power pants looked, like, well shit on me. Which is what I deserved 😛

  3. Power pants! A new concept. I love wearing cropped pants because they highlight the shoes. Your imaginary shopping was very fruitful; the coral pants would be a good way to top off the summer.

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