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Budget Career Deal: Neon Bangles for the Office

Budget Career Deal: Neon Bangles for the Office

Neon yellow and color-blocking are in this summer (I know I should be talking about fall, but it’s still dog days here, peeps, dog days), but they can be hard to wear to work. In response to that cool neon orange pencil skirt I shared on Sunday, many of you mentioned using accessories as a way to bring a little neon to the office – and to keep it away from our faces.

You know I’m a big fan o’ Party on the Arm, so I am loving this big set of honkin’ yellow, black, and gold bangles. Check out your fave local fashion retailers and thrift stores for end-of-summer-to-make-way-for-parkas-way-too-early deals on bright but tasteful neon accessories for work.

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One Response to Budget Career Deal: Neon Bangles for the Office

  1. Oooh, I like I like I like!!!. I love lots of bangles, but some days, when its crazy busy, the ching ching sound they make can drive me a little batty and lets just get this out there, I'm already more than a little batty :-). lol

    I love my blogging, but really find I'm so pressed for time with all the people I want to visit and all things I want to do and see and accomplish … I'm a hello and goodbye girl … therefore I'm forcing myself to keep my posts to the point … some days I get a little long winded, but I find that I only skim through long posts on others blogs – so I decided to try and keep my short and to the point.

    Hugz to you today … hope your day is stunning 🙂

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