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Budget Career Deal: A Neon Skirt for the Office

Budget Career Deal: A Neon Skirt for the Office

I don’t have any neon or orange clothes, even though orange – and anything neon-colored – is one of this season’s hottest fashion trends. I also can’t wear orange next to my face – yikes! But if I were shopping for something orange (which I’m not, because I’m only shopping my closet these days), I’d snag this bright but classic orange skirt:

Have you mixed anything orange into your office wardrobe?
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13 Responses to Budget Career Deal: A Neon Skirt for the Office

  1. I love bright orange in accessories for sure. I do have one top that's kind of the same orange as your top in your blog banner but I always feel like I have to play it down some by wearing something olive green over it, etc…
    I bet this skirt would look fantastic on you!

  2. since I am the boss and only employee i wear neon any way i want to lol
    love the orange, you could easily tame it with browns and navys
    can't wait to see you style it

  3. I've been rather obsessed with orange, but I can never find it in the right shades. I prefer the eye-searing traffic cone shade. Joni is on point about olive green. But I also want to pair it with greys and blacks. I'm still hoping to find the right bright blouse/sweater/cardigan that will be a workhorse for the colder months.

  4. I think a couple of tiny little neon scarves is all the more I've indulged of the neon trend, but I do like this skirt and it might work…away from your face.

  5. Lol, silly question for me! Yes, tons of orange, including orange on my shoes!

    I've got so many pieces of orange in my closet, and I just bought an orange scarf!

  6. Oh yesss! I wear orange at work (in small doses, but not neon orange) and casually. I especially like it with navy.
    How about if you wear just an orange bracelet or two or maybe a belt?

  7. This skirt has a wonderful cut…. I love straight lines whenever I wear a skirt. Orange can be a difficult color to wear next to the face as sometimes they bring out too much of the yellow undertones in a person's skin. I am one of those people, but I LOVE the color.

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