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Budget Career Deal: Orange You Classy

Budget Career Deal: Orange You Classy

As my supervising attorney and I walked to the federal courthouse yesterday in our comfortable low heel shoes and versatile blazers, I couldn’t help but notice that both of us were wearing bright orange nail polish. But Helen had some extra color oomph with her bright but tasteful orange tote from ShoeDazzle.

I think this bag would please the Court as well:

The blue and white striped lining in this bag is just the icing on a very lovely cake.
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6 Responses to Budget Career Deal: Orange You Classy

  1. Oh you know I love a good handbag! This one is gorgeous!! Very nice and it's ORANGE! I love orange! I have a Nine West bag and it's definitely one of my favorites.

  2. My blogger-friend Sara gave me orange nail-polish a few days ago and I've been lovin' it ever since. Every morning, I look at my toes and think, "My! I'm stylish!" It's definitely the color of the moment.

  3. Well, you know I love a bit of orange! Or a lot of orange, actually. I don't have any orange nail varnish, that's an omission I will have to fix asap! Great bag. xxxxx

  4. Orange has definitely made it's come back. I used to love the color as a tween/teen which is hilarious because back then the only acceptable colors were black… and black.

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