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Budget Career Deal: A Simple Linen Blazer

Budget Career Deal: A Simple Linen Blazer

So I’ve already used this blog to moan about how hot I am this summer, and how I’ve ditched my usual cardigans and jackets at work. But sometimes in conservative offices, and especially law offices, a jacket is required, usually for court-related activities.

I have to wear a jacket tomorrow, and I found myself longing for the one kind I don’t own, just a simple light beige linen blend jacket. If I weren’t on a self-imposed shopping ban, I’d be looking hard at this Lands’ End jacket with the flattering waist-cinching tie. It gets huge bonus points for being machine washable. Normally, I can’t afford Lands’ End unless I’ve thrifted it, but this jacket is seriously on sale.

And machine washable. Did I mention that already?

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3 Responses to Budget Career Deal: A Simple Linen Blazer

  1. Ahh, go ahead and treat yourself! You won't have it in time for this round but it will be there the next time you need it. And we all want to see you in it too. 😉
    I love the linen color, it goes with everything…well except maybe yellow.

  2. Awesome jacket. Honestly I keep a beige linen blend jacket for just that reason. Mine is a really nice brand that I thrifted, I consider it a Magical Item. I haven't worn it since spring, but it does come in handy when I really need a suit jacket to pull things together.

  3. If this is a self-imposed shopping ban, the same self can lift the ban. I have exactly one linen jacket…and I've held on to it through many closet purgings.

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