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Budget Career Dressing: The $5 Tapestry Dress

Budget Career Dressing: The $5 Tapestry Dress

Check out this tapestry dress by Laundry at Nordstrom. It was originally $225, and is now on sale for $134.   And seems to be missing some, er, fabric at the bottom and on the sleeves…

This tapestry dress by Roulette (also a brand carried by Nordstrom) cost $5 at a local GoodWill. And is modest enough to wear to the office.

The Deets: Roulette dress (GoodWill); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon); Bubbling with Fun necklace (Jada’s Jewels)
(Please disregard the hair. Growing hair out is murderously difficult.)
Pam at Over50Feeling40 recently shared a great post about the amount of time it takes to dress well – or badly. Last week, I was so worn out by our hospital experience that I practically wore sweats and sneakers to work, without a lick o’ makeup on. Not cute. Even though The Teen is still very sick and has not made it back to school yet, simply throwing on this bright, comfortable dress, and adding a swipe of lippy made a huge difference in my confidence level today. So Pam, point well taken. It really does take the same amount of time to put on a simple dress as it does to wear a mismatched lounge suit.
Maybe less.

46 Responses to Budget Career Dressing: The $5 Tapestry Dress

  1. Awesome score! Yes, this is so like the expensive one but tons better.
    I just noticed again that you have a skeleton in your office. Don't most people keep them in their closets?
    I'm sorry to hear The Teen is still unwell. My continued thoughts are with you.

  2. Lynne, I like your dress better, so much more wearable! Dresses are great for those days when we just need to throw something on and go. You look very put-together, and love the shoes!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that your child is ill. I hope that this will resolve very soon.

    Your dress is gorgeous. What a lucky find. I love finding treasures at the Goodwill and then finding them online and learning that they are still being sold in stores!

  4. Thoughts are sent to the Teen, and you and the rest of your family, for better health soonest.
    You have scored a beauty with this dress! Far prettier (and more functional) than the $100+ one. And there ain't nuthin' wrong with your hair, it's gorgeous as per usual : >

  5. The dress looks absolutely fab-u-lous on you. You're right, it does take just as much time to toss on a dress as it does sweats, but sometimes you NEED sweats – like overnighting at the hospital with a sick daughter. Lots of hugs and well wishes to the Teen.

  6. Chalk this success story up to the Thrifting Gods Lynne. You look amazing. I love the colors and your hair looks great! I am very sorry to hear about the Teen though. I am sending you my thoughts for sure. I hope she gets well very soon!

  7. You know the song, "When you're happy and you know it, clap your hands"? My version is "When you're feeling blue and crappy, wear a dress"!

    (you're welcome, now you have the earworm)

    This is a gorgeous dress and you look divine in it. Glad to hear you're looking after yourself as well as The Teen, even if it's just a little lippy.

  8. oh no, sorry to hear about your daughter. From someone who has been on the hair growing out journey for the last 3 years, yours looks great. I big chopped and went natural back in February 2010. Yep,I had a bald head for a few months but hated the look when I started growing it out. So I went back to a relaxer and stuck with a specific stylist who helped me to mold my hair as it grew back so it didn't look like, well, I was growing it out. For months I had to shave the back of my head and the sides and then finally it all caught up into a bob. I am wearing a longer version of that same bob now. I am trying to get my hair long enough so I can do a top knot. (-: Hopefully, 6 more months of resisting the urge to chop it will get me there.

  9. You're right, it really does take the same amount of time, doesn't it? I think it's our daily confidence that makes us choose what we reach for in the morning. Or just our mood in general. When I'm not feeling inspired I definitely don't try as hard. You scored well on that beautiful dress. I just could never justify a price like the other version on any article of clothing..unless it was a leather coat or something along those lines. But still, there are great leathers at thrift shops too.
    Happy Other Side of Hump Day!

  10. That's a gorgeous dress, Lynne, I like it much more than the expensive one you linked to. Beautiful colours on you and a great print.
    Your poor girl has had a rough time of it, as have all of you. Sending her, and you, lots of love. xxxx

  11. Oh, what a great dress! I've got a similar blues-on-black tapestry-style print dress myself, and it just makes me feel great whenever I wear it. Also thrifted. Thrifting rules.

    I hear you on the growing-out phase. I'm just about there with my former bangs, but yeesh, it's been misery.

    Still sending all good thoughts to the Teen and your family.

  12. A fabulous dress can really perk up a day! This one is fantastic! And I like it better than the other one!

    Continued hugs and prayers for the Teen – but at least she is home in her familiar bed now!

  13. You look stunning. The dress is beautiful on you, I love the accessories, and your hair looks great! I'm not just saying that to give you a lift; I really love this look. I glad it was easy to achieve, too.

    Love to you and the teen, wishing her an even speedier recovery. Xxoo

  14. Coming a little late to say I want your dress! I am glad putting it on gave you a boost, you look mighty fine. The pattern is so beautiful.
    Sending the Teen good wishes and strength.

  15. The dress is absolutely forg; what a great deal. I have lusted after similar frocks but have yet to thrift one. Sorry to hear about your child being ill; best thoughts for her speedy recovery.
    P.S. I feel your pain with the hair. Am currently growing mine out and want to put a bag over my head daily. Wearing a lot of hats helps – so long as you don't take them off! 🙂

  16. Beautiful, just beautiful dress and ensemble you've put together, Lynne. Like your new blog name too. Good vibrations to your daughter and you and the family.

  17. That is one stunning dress worn beautifully by YOU! Even though you're under huge amounts of stress, you look fantastic. Style heals and hope your daughter is healing as well.

  18. Sending best thoughts to you and The Teen … with special wishes for her recovery. you look marvelous … hair just right, so cute dress … the whole package. I'm so proud of you for taking the time to VM. Good job all the way around.

  19. You look beautiful in the dress! And your hair looks good on you too. (= What a great bargain… and yes, a little bit of lipstick and a dress can go a long way. I enjoyed your post, and hope you're household is getting better (my eight year old snoozes on the couch with a tummy bug as I type). Lynaea @

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