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Budget Career Dressing: Visible Monday & The Seven Year Itch

Budget Career Dressing: Visible Monday & The Seven Year Itch

No, no, all is well with The Absent-Minded Professor and me. This is not the coolest topic in the world, but when Megan and I were having a private chat about her tattoos, she shared the frustration of finding clothes to wear that wouldn’t irritate her healing skin, and then I’d admitted I’d had a similar issue that has rather made my life a living hell since early fall.

Lisa from Respect the Shoes has inspired me to HDR those tough indoor pics more often.
Shhhh, I initially bought this dress for my oldest and then kept it for myself.
Heh, she doesn’t read my blog ๐Ÿ˜›
The Deets: Merona dress (GoodWill); Draped-neck blouse (old); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (50% off Amazon); Button flowers (Megan Mae Daily)

Being that this is a blog for regular women with regular jobs and modest clothing budgets, and I see big name style bloggers sharing everything from how they handle excess body hair to dressing that odd spare tire ’round the middle that hits some of us at middle age, and doesn’t go away no matter how much we exercise, I figured some of y’all could relate to The Itch.

For me, The Itch started about four months ago, causing mild discomfort when my tightie whities touched me. And I wouldn’t be sharing this story on th’ Internetz if it was anything seriously embarrassing, so let’s forge on shall we? Mild discomfort was bearable, but acute discomfort when any of my clothes touched me became a misery. I assumed it was a combination of very dry winter skin and/or chemical allergies.

What did I do? Quite a lot actually:

  • Bought baby detergent and re-washed ALL my clothes and sheets
  • Bought all cotton tightie whities (I thought I might be allergic to the nylon in, er, intimate undergarments)
  • Bought completely dye and chemical free deodorant, shaving cream, body lotion, body wash, and fabric softeners
  • Slathered on great buckets of moisturizer for itchy, sensitive skin
  • Raced home to get my real clothes off, and put on the loosest cotton lounge wear I own
  • Ate benydryl and Tylenol like candy – and then refused to go anywhere outside of work that wasn’t a drive-thru
  • On my worst day ever, managed to dress for the office – without tights or a bra. That was super tricky, and no, there are no pictures
  • Pretty much lost my mind
When things finally settled down with The Teen, I broke down and saw my family doctor. Nothing to see here, folks, no rash, no shingles, no hives from stress, no chemical allergies, nothin’ but really lovely and highly moisturized skin. Nope, turns out, it’s just a new symptom of neurological issues that have plagued me since 2009, good ol’ neuropathic hypersensitivity and pain. Yaaaaaayyyyy, nuffing skeevy, but still booooooo. The right oral prescription medication has reduced the symptoms from throwing myself off a bridge level to a very tolerable but I still want to lead a campaign to burn bras level.

But it sure felt like The Itch lasted seven years.
It’s supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow, and then drop back into the low 50s/high 40s on Tuesday for the rest of the week. I wasn’t sure how to handle it since my summer clothes have been put away, but then remembered I’d thrifted this summery dress for $3.75 last month. As a gift for my oldest. I kinda suck sometimes. I hope you guys check out the lovely ladies sharing their unique and beautiful style at Not Dead Yet Style. I’m submitting my $5 Roulette dress from last week, because I love it and wish I could wear it every day.

36 Responses to Budget Career Dressing: Visible Monday & The Seven Year Itch

  1. That sounds pretty awful, Lynne, I'm glad the symptoms are under enough control for you to manage now. Bodies – kinda weird sometimes, aren't they? Or maybe they aren't at all, and everyone has quirks and oddities they deal with daily, they just don't tell anyone.
    Anyway, after that highly philosophical musing… on the the dress! Which is lovely, not surprised you kept it, ha! And the shoes are rather delightful too, sort of ballet shoes for those who want to kick some ass! xxxxx

    • Curtise, bodies mutiny, I know it…lol.

      I have these shoes in two colors, and really want a pair in cognac. Sheila calls them bondage-tastic, and now you've said they're for kickass ballerinas. Must not buy pair in cognac? Or must I? Or must not I? Oh, the philosophical musings that keep ME awake at night, gurrrl.

  2. I'm glad you kept the dress, it looks great on you.
    That skin discomfort is something I've had to endure my entire life too. Especially during stressful times something always itches! When I went through a divorce back in 92 my back itched so badly I thought I had scabies. ew!

    • Aw, Joni, I felt like such a whiner because I know there are more painful, itchy conditions, and peeps that have suffered longer, but it seems to be a problem that readers can relate to, so I'm glad I whined. I sure appreciated the blogger buddy and reader support to get through my own pity party ๐Ÿ™‚ I did the WebMD thing of course before seeing a doctor, and briefly thought maybe I had scabies or human mites, too. That is so funny!

  3. Good move going to the doctor since you can drive yourself crazy trying to correct the issue.

    I love the dress. I'm such a sucker for stripes!

  4. Ok I relate to this big time! I have a mild form of that, my dad has a severe form of it. It sucks. And it is maddening, you end up feeling like you're crazy. I'm glad you have some meds that are helping. I control mine with lotion, my dad sometimes does ok with lotion and sometimes goes on the meds. And sometimes he just deals with it. I know. It stinks.

    I love the new name of your blog!! It's perfect!!

    And I love your stripey dress! I would have kept it too!!

    And I have something to send you – might take me a day or two, but it's coming. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You are a total sweetie. I did find your package, and am going to open it. I am the worst about opening things. I tend to savor The Good Mail. Peeps must write "there is food inside" if they mail me edibles. I've got some things set aside to mail you, too!

  5. OMGoodness Lynne! I am so sorry to hear. My younger son gets exema pretty bad in the winter and I know he is super duper uncomfortable when it happens. I'm so sorry. I love your striped dress though! Hope everything keeps looking up for you, your family and health in 2013!

  6. Sorry, buddy. Hope the condition improves. I had shingles a few years back and the pain from that was excruciating. No amount of scratching relieved it. So I know what you're talkin' about. Hang in there.

    • Oh, Ally, I know shingles is the worst and most painful of all. I figure since I had a whopping case of chicken pox before kids stopped having it, that a good case of shingles is pro'bly somewhere in my lucky, lucky future ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  7. Ha ha! I buy things for Kayla all the time and then end up keeping it for myself. I feel sorry for you and the itch thing. That has to make you absolutely nuts. Just my dry winter skin is enough to make me go buggy! I LOVE this dress! Heather

    • Heather, I knew you'd understand. Sometimes if I don't hand the item over to the intended recipient right away, I end up having to try it on, and well, you know the drill ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. So while worrying about The Teen being in the hospital, you also had to deal with your own owie-ness? Ugh, how horrible for you. I'm glad you saw your doctor; sounds like relief is already upon you. Take care of yourself!

    • Yes, Trisha, there were a coupla rough days for all of us in the hospital in terms of acute physical discomfort. Ugh, bad times ๐Ÿ™

      I have your giveaway prize in an actual envelope, and will hopefully get to a post office tomorrow. Feels good to finally get some things done again ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. What a great dress and fun, funky shoes, Lynn. I know I get some kind of skin allergy something or other on and off for no apparent reason. Did some of the same things with detergents, soaps, lotions, shampoos, humidifiers, drinking water, etc. Doctor visits, tests for allergies. Comes and goes. Heat related?

    • I feel like I could recommend the best of anything ever made for skin sensitivity, but at least the whole family has plenty of lotion to get through the winter ๐Ÿ˜› I am always freezing, so I dunno about heat-related.

  10. Ah, so sorry to hear this! Must be so frustrating, all the steps you've taken, and still to have The Itch! I am sending cool, smooth thoughts your way. Hope it's all resolved soon. Like Shybiker, I had shingles a few years ago, and nearly itched my facial skin right off.

    On a happier note! Love that stripey dress and you look fab. Fierce Shoes!

    • I've had family members and friends experience shingles and I honestly believe it must be the worst skin experience of all. So glad you completely recovered, and it's only a bad memory now.

  11. Oh Lynne, that sounds terrible. I understand how horrible it is to have skin issues. Often, regular doctors just prescribe steroid creams/are unhelpful. My seborrheic (spellling?) dermatitis was painful and very very itchy, only cutting out dairy has shifted it (a surprise result). Then, recently I developed a very strong reaction to heat and come out in a terrible reactive rash. A herbalist has been sorting me out because the doctor wasn't helpful. The reason I am telling you this is that whilst there does seem to be some weird heat link, I also get this rash when I am stressed. You have had a tough time of it recently, take care of yourself. I am glad the medicine is working a bit.

    And I won't tell your oldest that dress was meant for her! You know I love a good stripe xx

  12. Ohhh I love that dress. The stripes are so flattering & the fit is fab. I also like the changes to the blog on GOOD WILL HUNTING – Catchy & Real.

    I am sorry about the itch. Hopefully it goes away by itself.

    Your Tapestry Dress from last week was chosen as One of My Favorite Looks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have A Pleasant Week, Lynne.

  13. The dress is beautiful on you, and those shoes! Totally cool enough to have in two colors.

    I'm still sorry to hear about the skin problems. I do know my skin/fiber sensitivities are greatly attached to anxiety. The higher my anxiety, the higher my skin tension and the worse fabrics feel.

    I do hope it's getting under control, having your skin feel like it's under attack is so sucky!

    I did learn that layering a tank helps a lot! It doesn't cover all of the healing skin, but it does help the fabric not pull as much..

  14. Ha your new name of the blog threw me for a second, but I love it and it is very appropriate!
    I have to say I am not a fan of this weather we are having
    It inexplicably made my allergies rear their ugly head.
    I want my cool weather back

  15. Oh Lynne, I cringe in sympathy for your years-long torturous itch! Though for other issues, I know well the desperate measures for relief and the running in circles with possibilities and the gamut of eliminations. I'm thrilled to hear you're having some relief at long last!

    Glad you kept the dress, oops! It's great on you. Seeing the lovely combination it makes with grey the way you do it, I may quit giving poor navy the side-eye. Did someone say cognac? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. It is horrible what are own minds can do to us. Sorry you've been suffering, especially in the winter when light airy barely there dresses are not an option.

    love the striped dress. i've purchased many a gift i've ended up adopting as my own.
    Chic on the Cheap

  17. As if you didn't have enough going on! I'm hoping that everything in your life calms down and you have a bit of a break.

    Another great dress and shoe combination, which I do believe you've become famous for. And the hair screams sophistication! Meagan's button flowers are always a great addition to any ensemble.

  18. Hello Lynne! I feel like I fell in a black hole! I have been sooo busy, but working on my art work, and will actually be part of a show (I hope — I've been invited). Anyhoo, just busy. I LOVE this dress, the tights, the shoes. Looks great! My skin itches sometimes, but mine is from my autoimmune thyroid disease — Hashimoto's disease. Especially if I cheat and eat gluten. But that's another story! Have a great week!! xoxo Lynn

  19. So glad you're doing better with the itch and thrilled to hear all is well in the land with the professor – the itch situation sounds horrid.

    Just been through Jarod having an allergic reaction to something unknown … he's been better, but of course we're on high alert. He had to have a celestamine and cortisone shot and is on a month long prescription of three antihistamines.

    Love the outfit – you look 25 years young!

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