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Can Getting More Responsibility Without Pay Actually Benefit You?

It can if you are able to negotiate other benefits in lieu of increased compensation, and it can beef up your resume, according to one career management expert. Keeping your job, even without raises, during a down economy isn’t a bad thing, either.

Tanya Lannon, a paralegal and administrative assistant for a small law firm in Kansas City, was interviewed for a recent feature story at Fox 4, “Promotions Without Raises Becoming More Common.”

Lannon did not get a bigger paycheck in exchange for taking on more responsibilities, but she is very pleased with the other benefits she negotiated instead:

“When I was asked to take on more tasks or do something different, it wasn’t much of a problem for me. In the end I have flexible hours which I enjoy because I have two small children, and I thought it was just sort of a tossup, tradeout type of thing.”

This economy has been tough on the practice of law, and I know more than a few paralegals and other legal support staffers that haven’t received raises, in well, a long time. Have any Practical Paralegalism readers negotiated other valuable benefits, including flexible hours, in lieu of a bigger paycheck?


4 Responses to Can Getting More Responsibility Without Pay Actually Benefit You?

  1. I negotiated for flex time (coming in early and leaving early to avoid rush hour) and the availability to work from home 1 day a week. I drive nearly 100 miles roundtrip to work so that was more important to me than the $$.

  2. I'm a very lucky girl…I got a recently got a raise (almost 10%!) just because my boss didn't want to lose me. 🙂

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