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Career Dressing: Review

Career Dressing: Review

I’ve seen a number of my favorite bloggers favorably review gorgeous clothing from eShakti.coman online retailer offering fashionable and affordable customizable clothing, sizes 0 through 36. When I was initially contacted to do a product review in October, I was both honored that this small corner of the blogosphere was a blip on any clothing retailer’s radar (and yours, I do not take any readers for granted), and well, overwhelmed.

Dress courtesy of

Overwhelmed? The OCD paralegal? Well, yes. I could not make up my mind while exploring eShakti’s extensive and beautiful offerings. I wanted to pick a dress I thought would flatter many different women, and I wanted a dress that was so versatile it could go from day to evening, and summer to fall. I know, I don’t expect much from a dress, huh? I took so much time selecting a dress, you’d think I was getting married in it.

When I did pick THE ONE, I then waffled over submitting custom measurements, because I’m really a size 4-6 dress on top (broad shoulders), and a 2-4 dress on bottom (with no real waistline in between), but decided eShakti’s size 4 was close enough to my actual measurements. I had the option of selecting custom sleeve lengths and hems, and picked no sleeves for versatility with an at knee length hem. Ordering was very quick and easy. eShakti is the only site that has ever asked my height, which being a shorty is a huge factor in whether I’ll look good in a dress.

eShakti shipped my dress quickly. I’ve returned so many unsuccessful online catalog clothing (and boot) orders in the past that I was a bit worried when I opened the box. But as soon as I tried it on and zipped it up, I knew eShakti had sent me one of the loveliest and best-fitting dresses I’ve ever had the pleasure to wear. To be honest, I felt a little like a princess, and like someone finally got me.

The first place I wore my eShakti dress was yesterday evening to our office holiday party. Even though The Absent-Minded Professor was feeling poorly, he graciously took these pictures at a pretty location near our house, as the evening light was going fast.

My eShakti sheath dress is perfect. It flatters my boyish figure (gotta be real, folks), is extremely comfortable, and has pockets. Even though I styled it for the party with antique rhinestone clip-on earrings (bloody ouch), high heels (bloody ouch ouch), and a vintage evening bag from my aunt, I know this dress will look equally good in an office setting, so expect to see it again real soon, re-mixed for work.

Thank you so much, eShakti, for giving me a chance to review a dress and share your terrific product with my readers. If you haven’t already, I encourage you guys to check out the beautiful clothing offered at Right now, eShakti is offering a 25% off site-wide discount through December 7, so it’s a great time to order if you haven’t before.

I’m also sharing this outfit at Not Yet Dead Style’s Visible Monday, because when you’re wearing a dress this fabulous you know you’re helping to remind everyone that women of a certain age still very much have it, and when you can order a dress to fit your unique measurements, you’re going to feel confident and beautiful.

44 Responses to Career Dressing: Review

  1. WOW! I love this dress and I love this dress on you. If you could have only seen my reaction when your blog came up on my computer screen. What boyish figure??

  2. Nice dress! I like the style on you – it gives you really nice curves. Where does eShakti make their clothing? Does it say on the label?

    You totally still have "it"! You sex-ay thing!

    • Aw, thanks. The eShakti site says its production facilities are in India. I confess to being terrible about looking to see where clothes are made. But now you've made me think I don't see much "made in the USA". Hmmm, does that count when most of my clothes are bought secondhand anyway? Food for thought!

  3. Great look, great blog! I've partnered with famed Bev Hills dermatologist on a fab holiday giveaway! Oprah just named The Lancer Method Luxury Skincare Collection ($300) as one of her favorite things and I'm giving away one set to a lucky reader!

    Hope you enter. Good luck!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

  4. OMG Lynne. You look absolutely stunning. Every time I've seen eShakti on women, I am never disappointed. I love working with them. You look gorgeous in this lovely sheath and I love the pockets. The color on you is just dynamite and your photos are stellar. Absolutely lovely Lynne.

  5. I was like do I have the right blog. Wowser you look great voguing around in your new dress, Lynne. The hair-do, jewels, stockings, heels, view, and of course your perfectly fitted dress are a vision to behold. Way to go, girl!

  6. You look like a Princess Lynne … love how you styled your hair as well … perfection dear … pure and simple = perfection.

    I would love to try an eShakti dress sometime in the not too distant future.

    Congrats to the A-MP on a job well done – your photos are stunning.

  7. Ever gorgeous, Lynne! Love your styling with the up-do and fishnets, look forward to seeing it for daytime as well. I am so glad it was such a positive experience for you!

    I had a horrible eShakti experience complete with really lousy customer service, and for the money and the extensive time over months I put in trying to address it, didn't end up with anything wearable. I haven't yet got around to posting about it.

  8. Oh, you look so pretty in that! A great choice of dress. Glad to hear the non-custom size fit you well, too. I bet you will get a lot of use out of it.

    I will have to give their custom sizes a shot. I am weird. Size 10 bust, size 6 waist and size 2 hip. It's great. Finding dresses that fit has always been so much fun. Good thing I can sew!

  9. You picked a great dress! I don't blame you for taking your time finding the right one, they have so much to choose from. I did the same thing when I got to pick a dress from them this summer.

    I really love the color of yours! It's a flattering cut and style on you too! Very nice overall!

  10. You look great in the dress, Lynne, VERY sexy! I think The AMP must have been preening a little as he took the pics – yeah, fellas, she's all mine! That second pic is especially beautiful. xxxx

  11. This dress is fabulous on you! I am hesitating to order from this site because I haven't been to my seamstress to get my current measurements. They carry such pretty clothes!

    • I took my own measurements but they don't seem to match my clothes size from Loft, so I just took the size I wear from that store (there's one locally) and used its online measurements for reference. Also, thanks for the heads-up on the link – it's fixed 🙂

  12. Gorgeous dress Lynne!! I must say the way the purple and black are styled on the top makes you look a bit more busty!!
    I can totally see this with a black jacket or cardigan, black tights and boots!!

  13. OMG that dress fits you like a dream. I've heard some real mixed results, but you got a winner. You wear many hats in your life, your dress should be able to keep up with them all!

  14. I'm so sad this shop doesn't ship to my country. I've heard so many appreciation about this shop so I wanted to buy something (lately I'm too very much into dresses).
    the dress looks perfect on you as if it was suited just for you. I love dress somewhere in the middle of day and night look. for this shoot you look posh and pretty!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm hosting a glasses giveaway on my blog here check it out!

  15. Dude you look perfect in this! Two of my fave colors on you, and who can not love a dress with pockets??

    I would have had a hard time picking one out too, I am OCD as well!

  16. WOW Lynne. You look absolutely STUNNING, head to toe. E-Shakti should pay you to model this dress. They should post your photos on their website. You should get to keep this dress, do you?

    Also, first time I ever see your hair pulled up & I love it. Wear it like this more often. =)

  17. Lynne, you make a fabulous model and reviewer (I think that's a word!). You look great in this and I think it fits all of the criteria you mentioned. I would wear this. Totally. xoxo Lynn

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