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Career Dressing: Secondhand from Head to Toe

Career Dressing: Secondhand from Head to Toe

More and more these days, I find secondhand stores to be much more interesting than retail stores. Sure the goods can be like a box of chocolates and ya never know what you’re gonna get, but sometimes you stumble across a divine melt-in-your mouth chocolate truffle – and you don’t have to pay nearly as much as you would at Godiva. This works out really well if you’re not on a Godiva budget to start with.

I feel like I’m rolling around in Godivas in today’s outfit, all of it thrifted except my unmentionables and the lia sophia convertible pendent I bought at a friend’s party a couple of years ago.

I’ve wanted a cashmere sweater for a long time but rarely stumble across those. But this Banana Republic Extra Fine Italian Merino sweater is so soft and in perfect condition. I sort of felt like I was stealing it from GoodWill for $3.50.

And this J. Crew skirt, with the extra buttons still attached, was marked 50% off at a consignment shop I visit regularly, only I had a giant credit, so didn’t pay anything for it technically. And it has pockets. I sort of felt like I was stealing it, but kind of gleeful about it all the same.

Top this off with Nine West leather boots that fit my skinny calves and are a nice length for short people, scored at a different consignment store, 75% off, for $12.50, and the grand total of my clothes and shoes is $16.

The Absent-Minded Professor told me to relax and be my silly self.

I’ve always loved a really great hand-me-down, so I’d like give a big thank you to all the lovely people with good taste who passed these goodies on in The Great Circle of Clothes. I hope you don’t see this post and want your awesome stuff back…

23 Responses to Career Dressing: Secondhand from Head to Toe

  1. I love this outfit on you Lynne! And how awesome you got the practically brand new skirt for free!! I find the secondhand stores to be more interesting than regular retail too – it's the thrill of the hunt for sure!

  2. *standing ovation* I loooove this playful Friday look Lynne and I REALLY love that it is all brand name yet thrifted. Atta girl! Those boots are so amazing and a super soft sweater is always a steal–I hate the itchy ones. Super fab lady!

  3. I love that colour of pink on you. So great with your hair. You always manage to find such great treasures when thrifting.

    I find I really need to be in the mood to shop in thrift and consignment stores. Sometimes I get so excited about finding something that actually fits me that I don't bother with looking at how well it actually meshes with my aesthetic and then I get it home and wonder what the heck I was thinking.


  4. When I shop retail, every blessed thing looks the same. The same stores carry the same items in the same colors, blah, blah, blah. But I never know what I'm going to find when I sashay (yes, I do!) into thrift stores and consignment shops. It's like going on a treasure hunt; I never know what I'm going to find! P.s. Nice outfit!

  5. What an awesome outfit full of awesome thrifted goodies! I LOVE the sweater, it looks super soft and the chevron ribbing is super gorgeous on your figure. I generally have better luck thrifting merino wool than cashmere. I'm not 100% sure of the difference, but I like merino alot.

  6. You look so gorgeous in pink! I love the circle of clothes – I've seen my own clothes in thrift stores (heck, I even re-bought one of my own items!). I love really good merino wool sweaters.

  7. Love your comparison of charity shops and boxes of chocolate, you never know what you're going to find but can rest assured it'll be a whole heap more interesting than some dull old chain store.
    That jumper and skirt are gorgeous on you and the boots are perfection. xxx

  8. You look about 12, Lynne – how the hell do you manage that?! I love that sweet little sweater, the skirt looks fab with those boots, and yes, charity/thrift shopping is so much more interesting and rewarding than shopping on the high street or in a shopping centre. It's the thrill of the unexpected! xxxx

  9. I admire people like you and Megan who can find such fabulous pieces second hand. I just don't have the patience for it – need you guys to take me some day πŸ˜‰

  10. Oh, interesting is where it's at!!! I love the directional texture of your sweater with the pattern of the skirt, and how beautifully balanced and put together with the harmonious solids of your boots & tights. Goes without saying that the "silly" pics make me want to reach right in and squeeze you!

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