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Career Dressing: Today’s Deal Is Wrinkle-Free

Career Dressing: Today’s Deal Is Wrinkle-Free

So after writing about my non-iron superhero Foxcroft blouse last night, I realized I’d really like another Foxcroft non-iron shirt, and I’d be willing to trade six of my current blouses for one of them.

But when I started looking for the brand online, I discovered: 1) a superhero shirt is not cheap; and 2) when Foxcroft non-iron shirts go on sale (for example, check out Nordstrom) they are snapped up like raw steak by hungry ‘gators.

So yes, this daily deal is a little pricier than my usual recommendations, but for a classic, real non-iron workhorse that is perfect for any conservative office, and comes in eight different colors, including this season’s hot mint green and bright pink, as well as misses, petites, and women’s sizes, I have to say from firsthand experience that I would pay it, and will pay it for the perfect blue long-sleeved shirt.

Foxcroft Wrinkle-Free Long-Sleeve Shirt ~ $46.95-49.95 ~ Appleseed’s

Practical Paralegalism is not sponsored by Foxcroft or Appleseed’s, and has received no compensation or goods in exchange for this post.

6 Responses to Career Dressing: Today’s Deal Is Wrinkle-Free

  1. Sounds like a good investment piece. Sometimes you just gotta lay down for 'em. However if you're going to drop the dough, might as well do it on something that's wrinkle-free!

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