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Winner of Medical Terminology Spelling Bee: Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Winner of Medical Terminology Spelling Bee: Dragon NaturallySpeaking

I confess I fancy myself to be a rather awesome speller and fast typist, both of which have come in handy during a long litigation career. But if I were competing in a medical terminology spelling bee against Dragon NaturallySpeaking (hereinafter “Dragon” for you legal folks), inexpensive voice recognition software you can easily load onto your computer and… Continue Reading

A Fine Example of Getting to the Point

Greg Lambert wrote a post for 3 Geeks and a Law Blog earlier this week about “The Art of Shorter Writing”. Having suffered from written verbal diarrhea all my life, I agree with him that modern professional writing has changed, and that the preferred style is clear, concise writing that gets the main point across… Continue Reading

Paralegal Profile: Dana Martinez-Jones, CP

Paralegal Profile: Dana Martinez-Jones, CP

Job Title: Corporate Paralegal Employer: Health Care Navigator, LLC, Pensacola, Florida Years of Paralegal Experience: 11 Specialty Areas: Discovery Career Highlight: When I worked in Tyler, Smith County, Texas, I was honored to be the recipient of the 2007 Legal Professional of the Year Award for Smith County. Most recently, I am honored to be… Continue Reading

5 Ways Paralegals Can Market Their Firms Every Day

How does a smart paralegal level the playing field and make the lawyer realize the true value of a great right-hand (or left-hand) man (or woman)? Simple, really – start bringing in business. ~ Jay S. Fleischman, Esq. Jay is a New York bankruptcy lawyer and legal marketing consultant who blogs at Legal Practice Pro.… Continue Reading

Judge Proudest of Case Recognizing Paralegals as Professionals

The paralegal profession has made huge strides in the past few decades. We all have a great deal to be proud of and numerous legal professionals to thank, including Judge Linda Thomas, who is retiring as the Chief Justice of the Fifth District Court of Appeals at Dallas. Like many paralegals in the 70s and… Continue Reading

Reader Email: I Need to Interview a Paralegal for Homework!

Reader Email:  I Need to Interview a Paralegal for Homework!

Sometimes I have homework, which is unusual for someone not actually enrolled in school. But it’s not my homework. I’m a total sucker for paralegal students, so if asked, I try to make time to complete questionnaires for their class assignments. The questions usually focus on advice for new paralegals. I thought I’d share an… Continue Reading

Every Paralegal Should Have a Firm Business Card

When I hear, with disturbing frequency, paralegals say that their firm does not provide them with their own business cards, I wonder if the omission is simply an oversight. I hope it’s not deliberate, because there are only positives associated with all staffers, not just paralegals, having business cards. Paula Black, an author and expert… Continue Reading

An Associate Discusses Communicating with Legal Assistants

Nelia Robbi, a Texas attorney, gives the following advice about interacting with legal assistants in a recent article posted at, “Communicating as an Associate: Remain Authentic”: A little respect makes a big difference in office relationships. I know this from personal experience, having been an assistant before. I spent nearly two years at a… Continue Reading

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