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Check Out th’ Crap Rack

Check Out th’ Crap Rack

Any of you that regularly haunt your local secondhand stores know what “Th’ Crap Rack” is, often a small rack of rather forlorn and slightly dusty clothing items marked 75% off, usually full of very weird clothes that didn’t sell and are headed for the rag basket. Heavily sequined Mother-of-the-Bride tops missing the matching bottoms. Icky polyester shorts that make you itch just looking at them. Tiny fragments of lace with satin-covered buttons and ruffled sleeves that even your cat couldn’t squeeze into.

And two weeks ago, this very nice Loft blazer. $6. Soft grey. Goes with everything. Wrinkle-free. Perfect to cram into your carry-on for a business trip. Or heck, just wear it with your jeans on the plane so you have room for another pair of shoes.

Loft jacket ~ local consignment store
Loft skirt – like 10 years old
Red pumps – secondhand as well, several years ago

Yep. One woman’s crap is another woman’s perfect classic jacket.

Love, peace & grace,

11 Responses to Check Out th’ Crap Rack

  1. Great score, Lynne. Loft jacket, $6? Yup, you never know what you'll find on the crap rack. Some of my best stuff comes from there.

  2. I have found a few good things on the crap rack at my local St. V de P, as well as on the $5.00 rack at the hospice store (including a German-made leather skirt). Great buy, Lynne!

  3. I'll go one better – we have a crap charity shop where all the stuff that hasn't sold in other branches nationally goes and gets sold for £1 (or last week, two for one) I get most of my clothes from there! xxx

  4. Score! When I have time (like now, on vaca) I too love to scour the Crap Rack. This jacket is a great find, xox.

  5. It's true, it's always worth checking out those sale rails – you never know what you might spot amongst the crap! That's a great little jacket, Lynne. xxx

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