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Clothing Swap Party Hosted by Style Agent 909

Clothing Swap Party Hosted by Style Agent 909

Sheila of Style Agent 909 issued the invitation to her Clothing Swap Party earlier this month. It’s a great idea, especially for those of us who don’t get to go to real-time swap parties. I’m excited to see who attends and what they bring to the swap table. You don’t have to attend Sheila’s party or be a blogger to trade items (individuals work out the mailing details between them), but she suggests giving swap party attendees first dibs.

Before Sheila announced her party, I’d already taken a load of clothes to the consignment store, but I’m still losing weight and trying to edit my single closet into a less confusing and more cohesive selection. Anything offered in this swap is likely never worn or worn only once, and it either didn’t suit me or is not my size anymore.

What would I be interested in swapping for? Bracelets/bangles for small wrists, old costume jewelry, simple dresses or tops with lots of mix and max potential (size S or 4/6/8), a pleated skirt, unopened tights (S/M), a petticoat (crazy wish, huh?), wide or obi belts (S/M), square scarves (fascinated by them but can’t find one to thrift), or surprise me.

Here’s what I’ve got right now (but I plan to copy this post to a Swap Stuff blog tab above to add additional clothes and keep the swap opportunities going, thanks for a great idea, Sheila!)

Jewelry and Accessories:

Jewel Box adjustable statement necklace (never worn)

**SPOKEN FOR**21″ adjustable statement necklace (never worn)

36″ necklace with pink tear drops (clear pink ones further up)

19″ adjustable necklace (fits close to neck) with matching earrings. 

**SPOKEN FOR** Peacock earrings bought for a party, never worn, about the size of tablespoons.

Dark grey metallic crinkle scarf
Red fringed scarf
Bright turquoise fringed scarf


Saks Fifth Avenue tank, size medium, tags out but never worn (almost but never :P)
Two maxi dresses (sorry couldn’t get them all the way in pics)
Loft striped maxi (this summer) with side slits, size small (worn once, runs large)
Mossimo green, sleeveless, ruched at waist maxi (this summer), size small (tags out, but never worn, runs small)

London Times dress, size 8 (runs small), fully lined, great ruched waist, like new
Max Studio peasant dress, size small (more like medium), like new
a.n.a. sundress, size 10 (runs very small), worn once, like new
**SPOKEN FOR** Plenty dress (anthro brand), size 8 (runs small), fully lined, new with tags
Loft sun dress, size 6, fully lined (thrifted, worn twice)
Soho Apparel dress, size 8, fully lined, pleated hem (worn once)
Larry Levine suit (my fave due to pleated skirt bottom, but now too big), size 8, skirt 24″ long
Vintage Liz Claiborne blazer, size 4 (runs large), like new
Violet & Claire peasant blouse, size S, elastic waist, like new
Merona dark wash trouser jeans, size 6 regular, perfect business casual with low heels

Forever dress (super over tanks), size M, worn once

You can email me at if you’re feeling swap-ish. I’ll keep swap offerings up-to-date at my Swap Stuff tab at the top of the blog.

9 Responses to Clothing Swap Party Hosted by Style Agent 909

  1. OMG! That's fabulous stuff! We're gonna have to talk if those green peacocky earrings are still available tomorrow…
    Great idea about the swap tab, that what I had in mind too because the right person may come along weeks down the line.

    • Sheila, they would look great on you. If you'll send me your mailing address, I would love for you to have them! I would be begging for your denim shirt or python pants if they were my size, for sure 🙂

  2. Hi Lynne, pao from project minima here, nice to meet you. I'm doing this swap-a-roo too. Wow, how cool that you're losing or lost weight. I, on the other hand, am doing the opposite. ahem, anyway…if you might be interested in the plain tops I'm offering, I might like your 21" turquoise necklace. Who would've thought?!

    • Hi, Pao, I am excited to find your blog via Sheila's swap party. I was actually looking at your oxford heels with a bit of longing, but think they might be a little big on my narrow 6.5 foot. But I love mailing blogger packages, and would love to re-home the cool turquoise necklace with someone that would enjoy it, so if you'll send me your mailing address, I will forward it on 🙂

      I'm actually not excited about losing weight; it is playing havoc on my wardrobe. Hubs says I need to gain 20 lbs, but I think 7-10 would be just right.

    • How kind of you Lynne. I'll email you my address, but I would like to swap something with you – perhaps I have something you might like. I don't have any smaller footwear than a size 7, but I do have some small size clothing, 5-7. What do you like in color/fabric/style?

  3. You have some great things on offer, Lynne, hope you get some of what you are looking for too. I have hosted a couple of swap parties (in real life – actual piles of clothes on my actual rug!) and been to one at a friend's house, which were great fun. No one went away empty-handed! xxx

  4. oh man, i'm too late to the party, that anthro dress is spoken for.

    well, if who ever wants it doesn't have anything you want, let me know… i need to get rid of so much stuff. the though of photographing it all is just so daunting.

    Chic on the Cheap

    • Lydia, this Swap Party is so much fun, I've already found new blogs to follow and made new friends. I'm going to keep a permanent Swap Stuff tab on my blog now. I found the most amazing GoodWill in our own town this morning, apparently the central one where they keep all the good stuff. I'm trying to stick to the one in and one out rule, so will be adding more stuff to my permanent swap tab. I even bought a shirt inspired by your Equipment shirt.

      Photograph your items a little at a time and add them to a Swap Stuff (or sell, I've seen other bloggers do that). I just hang mine on one of my jewelry hooks. They aren't the most amazing pics, but they get the job done 🙂

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