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Contract Paralegal Accused of Theft from Law Firm

An unidentified Utah paralegal has been charged with multiple felonies by the state prosecutor’s office, including deception and forgery, due to allegedly using illegitimate pay slips to steal over $35,000.00 from Salt Lake City law firm Dunn & Dunn during a 16-month period. The law firm had subcontracted paralegal work to her over a 10-year period. She allegedly tried to delete computer files after being confronted about the funds.

See Deseret News.

English author and moralist Samuel Johnson said, “Whoever commits a fraud is guilty not only of the particular injury to him who he deceives, but of the diminution of that confidence which constitutes not only the ease but the existence of society.” If this paralegal contractor is found guilty of deception or theft, she has not only injured the law firm. She’s injured other honest and hard-working independent paralegals that are trusted by many law firms to perform quality work and submit legitimate invoices, and are held to a higher level of trust because they often do much of the contract work off premises. Trust is key to building a successful independent paralegal business. After a 10-year relationship, this situation must be viewed by these lawyers as a shock and a betrayal.

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