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Corporette for Working Girls: Play the Knockoff Game

Corporette for Working Girls:  Play the Knockoff Game

One of my favorite movies is Working Girl (1988) starring Melanie Griffith as smart administrative assistant, Tess McGill, and one of my favorite fashion blogs is Corporette, “the fashion and lifestyle blog for women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants, and otherwise overachieving chicks who work in conservative offices and need to look professional but want to be fashionable.” If I could marry the two loves, the scrappy up-and-coming professional women who aren’t lawyers and consultants, and the high dollar corporate fashion tips, I’d call it “Corporette for Working Girls”.

Corporette’s “daily TPS report” starts each Monday with a splurge item that usually costs more than my monthly mortgage payment, and ends every Friday with an item that might actually be accessible on a paralegal’s budget, often a blouse. Most of the items recommended earlier in the week exceed my clothing budget for the entire year (which admittedly as a single mom is minuscule to start with). I can definitely relate to Tess much more than Sigourney Weaver’s upper management character, Katherine Parker, who could buy all of the TPS items without blinking.

So what’s an otherwise overachieving chick who does work in the conservative legal industry and loves her fashion but doesn’t have a lawyer’s budget to do? I like to play the self-titled “Corporette Knockoff Game” wherein I try to locate a piece similar to the one that Corporette’s personal shopper recommends, but at a price that up-and-coming professional women on a bag lunch budget might be able to afford (if they take the meat out of their sandwiches…).

Today’s TPS report at Corporette features a cashmere sweater that originally cost $935 but is now (make sure you’re sitting down) sale-priced at $280! (Hello, car payment.) It’s elegant and well-tailored, a timeless piece, and who doesn’t need a great cardigan to provide the final polish for a summer outfit, especially with sleeveless dresses and blouses? But no way is a cream cashmere sweater going to fit in with my business casual/chauffeuring mom lifestyle.

But I do love my cardigans so I found this beautiful DKNY Belted Fine-Gauge Cardigan for $68.99 at, in a light linen blend and soft figure-flattering shape that not only comes in eggshell for those who want an ivory cardigan like the one featured today at Corporette, but also comes in one of my favorite colors ever, expresso – for the klutzy, coffee-spilling professional chicks like me.

Do you ever play the Knockoff Game?

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