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Curse Boring Tweets! Tweetlejuice! Tweetlejuice! Tweetlejuice!

Curse Boring Tweets! Tweetlejuice! Tweetlejuice! Tweetlejuice!

You’re not telling the truth if you don’t admit to having a Twitter buddy (or two, or three) still doggedly and reliably boring you (and everyone else) with insanely inane tweets about the mind-numbing minutiae of his or her life, such as “Vacuum sealed my sweaters this morning. Hellooooooo, summer!” One solution is to quietly “unfollow” the tedious offender (even if you do feel sort of guilty).

Thanks to PopWatch, I discovered that College Humor has another, more entertaining (and possibly guilt-free) solution: call Tweetlejuice! Tweetlejuice, who majored in computer science at MIT and is freaked out by a clever quip every single time it’s tweeted, offers to take the offenders “out of commission” (or maybe just scare ’em), as soon as you send a tweet with the hashtag “#Tweetlejuice” – plus the offending Twitter handle three times.

It’d be nice if it went down like that in the real world. A grounded professional is of course going to stick with the less dramatic option of “unfollowing” and living with the guilt. But you can still rock out to the catchy “Tweet tweet tweet Senora” at the end of the parody.
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