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Dear Future Boss, You Must Be Sane

Dear Future Boss, You Must Be Sane

I got a case of the willies while reading today’s Above the Law post, “3L Desperately Seeking Perfect Boss on Craigslist,” not only because there’s a law student in New York who genuinely thinks this list of personal commandments will lead to a dream boss, but it’s like this 3L got inside the head of every law firm employee who ever lived.

I’ve heard every single requirement on the “Perfect Boss Wish List” come out of many legal staffers’ mouths at some point over my 20-plus year career.

Check them out for yourself, but here’s my favorite five:

  1. You must not be a lunatic.
  2. You must actually know what is going on in your own cases.
  3. You must not continually screw up your own cases, and then expect me to magically fix the problems or blame me when things go wrong as a result of your errors.
  4. You must be willing to pay me on a regular basis for my services (just a reminder). I do not accept food, liquor or drugs as payment. Payment must be made in valid, U.S. currency and must be a reasonable wage for a person of my skill set.
  5. You must possess basic social skills.

I’m actually okay with my boss being “disastrously disorganized” because that just makes me more indispensable. (But in my reality, my boss has the cleanest desk in the office.)The Craigslist poster says the ad is “most certainly not” a joke. (If it is a joke, it’s a pretty good one.)As a former co-worker used to say to certain intake callers with unreasonable expectations of any law firm’s ability to undo a seriously hot mess (usually involving alcohol, homemade tranquilizers, or rude hand gestures at a former place of employment), “Good luck with that.”Ya’ll got anything to add to the list? What do ya think – will this novel approach lead to a request for an interview by “Boss McDreamy”?
Sources: Above the Law; Craigslist

2 Responses to Dear Future Boss, You Must Be Sane

  1. Tammy, I think a lot of legal professionals saw someone they knew on that list 😮

    But I have to eat a little crow, according to a subsequent ATL post, the poster received a couple of genuine interview requests – although the Craigslist ad has since been removed…;)

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