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Don’t Let the ‘Digital Door’ Hit You On the Way Out

The Winston-Salem Journal recently published a story, “In the Digital Door”, which is well worth the read, reminding us that the Internet can be both “a blessing and a curse when looking for work.” The article features five tips to avoid closing the “digital door” on potential job opportunities:

  1. Follow the interviewer’s instructions (if any) regarding how to follow up post interview. If email is welcome, avoid using a handheld gadget to send it, due to the increased risk of typographical errors. (Okay, I’m “old school” but my Latin teacher grandmother taught me to send actual thank-you notes. Being rare in our instantaneous electronic submission society, they are actually refreshing and quite moving.)
  2. Monitor your Internet presence, because potential employers can, too. Go ahead, Google yourself. Would you hire you?
  3. If you use email to pursue a job referral from a personal contact, reference that contact in the subject line and clearly state that “John Doe referred me.” (Bear in mind that you still might be subject to the firm’s spam blocker, so this may not be the best way to guarantee a successful contact. See number 4 below.)
  4. Use “snail mail” to submit that initial resume and cover letter. (I would like to repeat this several hundred times. I’ve received resumes via email that were so mangled by formatting and/or word-processing transmission issues that they looked like they were banged out in Yerkish by chimpanzees.)
  5. Don’t risk poor connections by using your cell phone. If you have to use your cell phone, find a quiet place to make the call. I’d like to add that you should focus all of your attention on the conversation with the potential employer, and not try to multi-task by yelling at your kids, your husband or the guy who is steam-cleaning your carpet at the same time.

See The Winston-Salem Journal.

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