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Don’t Touch Dat

Don’t Touch Dat

Donation Bag

Y’all know there’s not just a Pretty and a Good in style blogging of any kind, but also a Bad and an Ugly right?  Um right?  Cue “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” by Gap Band here.

I don’t normally explain why I choose to dress the way I do, because mostly no one cares, and I’ve stopped posting the Ugly (outfit pics) because it seems to have increased traffic to my blog enormously, but I think I’m doing a disservice to style bloggers and style blog lovers everywhere if I am not completely transparent.


Which I completely wouldn’t be if I hadn’t just gotten back from a wine-tasting party, and I got all the way through Number Five. If I’d stopped at Number Two, then these pictures would never have seen the light of day, just been a part of my silly little outfit diary which is normally highly edifying (meaning I can see what I should never wear again).

Apparently I’m a bit of a slow learner, because I forgot the number one rule of The Great Circle of Clothes, or maybe it’s number sixty-three, but it goes like this:

If you put it in the donation bag, there’s probably a real good reason. So leave it there. Do not dig back through it for any reason, unless you think you left money in a pocket. If it helps, get the bag outta the house immediately.

Or you’ll catch yourself wearing a giant sock because you were really cold when you got up this morning, and thought you’d give that giant warm sock one more chance.

Don’t touch dat.

Yer welcome. Wanna go dancing? Right now?

Oddly, I got one pretty pic of me wearing a giant sock. Awesomes.
Tell me the truth, is this Ivana Trump’s hair? Or does it just need bangs?
Darn skippy I’ll wear these shoes every day if I want to.

23 Responses to Don’t Touch Dat

  1. Lynne, I think this dress is lovely. If anything, you just need a smaller size or to take it in around the top/waist a bit. I really like the collar and sleeves. 🙂

  2. Aww I think the dress looks awesome on you. But hey, I respect you getting rid of it if it's not your thing. The burgundy tights however are ah-mazing. Especially with those shoes.

  3. the dress isn't all bad, and i do love the grey with the oxblood; however I will agree that once it goes in the goodwill bag, you should never, never open the bag. if you've forgotten what is in there it's usually for the best.

  4. Are you saying you don't like this dress? I think it looks cute! The maroon tights make it just right. And of course those shoes. Hmmmmm, so you had a few to drink….darn…maybe I should have been there, encouraged a few more drinks and gotten those shoes from you!

  5. The rule of the donation bag is a good one and something I'm definitely guilty of! I love your hair up like that and you look adorably cheeky in that first pic! x

  6. Am I missing something here? What is wrong with this dress? It look fine! I love the addition of the belt, the burgundy tights and the bondagesque strappy shoes. It doesn't look in the least like a sock, you daft ha'poth! (Email me for a translation of that last bit if you're interested!) xxxx

  7. Nothin' wrong with this dress! You don't have to be wine'd up to like it, either – you look great, with your little-bitty waist and my new favorite shoes (how did you get my shoes??)

  8. Aww, I think it looks nice on you! I love the stripes and the color of the tights!!

    And I kind of love the cold picture, as you saw I totally got a "cold" picture earlier this week of myself! Keeping it real my friend, you're just keeping it real!

  9. I Love the dress. Doesnt look like a sock at all to me. Really love the shoes. Went online yesterday to purchase those when I saw you in previous photo wearing them.

  10. I actually kind of like it. Those shoes are taking it to a level of awesomeness maybe?!!

    I think we should have a blog hop in January of an outfit "NO". It'll be a blast–cuz we've ALL done it!!

  11. I started reading your blog for the clothes. Then I read it to savor your personality. Now I read it simply to hear your voice. You're funny, you're charming, you're cute. You're everything I admire in a friend.

  12. i am very good at purging and not even thinking about going back into the donation bag
    my problem is i give it away and then the next week, i am looking for the very thing i gave away. lol
    have a great weekend

  13. hahahaaah You make me laugh! A sock! lol So funny your story about the dress reappearance and how it made it's way here for our viewing. I do love that song btw, and I'm sure it will be stuck in my head for days now. So dance party!! Woot!…in here(points to head)…where it counts.

  14. Awww, Lynne, I just love to drop in and hear your voice in your posts!! I think the dress looks good on you! But I totally agree with the concept: if you have donated it once, let it go. I have spent hours of my life bagging up and unbagging STUFF! No good! Love love those shoes!!!


  15. I personally think that MORE garments should be based around the idea of "giant sock!" Also, "bunting bag." I love the stripes, burgundy tights, and shoes, and think you look great – again, the belt and shoes balance out the softness in a most excellent way – but if you're not feeling it, out it goes!

  16. I like your giant sock but understand you on the brrrr! front. Could you wear it like a tunic with skinny trousers and boots? Those shoes are delightful. Be careful though, I have sent my Christmas elves over to steal them!

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