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Dual Monitors Are Goin’ to th’ Dogs

Dual Monitors Are Goin’ to th’ Dogs

After I got to the N.C. Bar Center on Friday, December 11, 2009, with my PowerPoint presentation in hand – and not emailed the day before as instructed, Carole Oliver, the Assistant to the Assistant Director of CLE for Distance Learning, didn’t yell at me. Instead, she graciously took me back to her office to upload it from my thumb drive.

When I saw her desk, I started drooling like a Labrador Retriever left alone in the dining room with the 12-pound holiday ham. And not just because I am a fool for a dog.

Carole has the dual monitor setup that I’d sell my mama for. Seriously, I’ll exchange her for two 22″ flat screen monitors. (I’m middle-aged and in denial about needing bifocals.) At home I work with a second monitor attached to my laptop, but not at work.

Dear Boss, see this beautiful picture? You know how a man’s best friend is his dog?

Dual monitors are going to be the best friends of every paralegal that does extensive writing and document review.

**If you’re a paralegal using a dual monitor setup at work, feel free to brag about it in the comments section.**

4 Responses to Dual Monitors Are Goin’ to th’ Dogs

  1. I love having 2 monitors on my desk. Once you get use to it, you will never go back to just 1!

    Cindy G.

  2. I was recently switched over to the two monitor set-up — I was skeptical at first, but now I love it! Since all our inter-office messaging is done by e-mail, I can keep Outlook open on one, and use the primary screen for my active work. I am a definite convert.

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