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E-Discovery: A Need for Experienced Project Managers and a New Group

E-discovery continues to be a hot topic in the legal field, as indicated by two news stories last week, one emphasizing the current need for experienced project managers and the other heralding the formation of a new group dedicated to providing certification and training for e-discovery professionals.

E-Discovery Project Management Survey

Applied Discovery, an e-discovery vendor, released its 2009 Survey on E-Discovery Project Management. Here’s the link for a free download (but registration is required).

In this survey, e-discovery professionals of all backgrounds overwhelmingly identified planning, scoping and project management as critical to e-discovery project success. While the importance of these key roles was apparent in the survey results, it was also clear that there is room for improvement. As one respondent summarized, all stakeholders and participants need “a better understanding of the issues and themes of the defense before e-discovery starts.” Other comments stressed the importance of identifying an overall project manager, and involving litigation support staff early in the process.

New Group for E-Discovery Legal Professionals

The Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP) for E-Discovery announced its launch last week, and reiterated the need for trained e-discovery experts based on the 2009 Annual Socha-Gelbmann Report “EDD Showcase: Strange Times”, which I strongly recommend that you read in its entirety.

“OLP’s programs will provide the legal community with a means of assuring clients that its e-discovery professionals possess the requisite level of competence and understanding of e-discovery principles,” says Jeff Fowler of O’Melveny & Myers and member of the Board of Governors. “In this respect, The OLP intends to crack open the e-discovery black box.”

OLP is the only organization whose members represent all sectors of the e-discovery profession: attorneys, paralegals, technical support staff, litigation support professionals, consultants, vendors, software developers and judiciary.

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