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Eats, Shoots And Leaves Calendar: Text Messaging Addicts Beware!

Today’s timely advice from Lynne Truss, author of the 365-day Eats, Shoots and Leaves Calendar, is for those who love their text messaging and abbreviations so much that they may be losing the habit of using standard English in their professional communications — and not even realize they are doing it.

In the world of text messages, ignorance of grammar and punctuation obviously doesn’t affect a person’s ability to communicate messages such as “C U L8er”.

High school teachers and college instructors are receiving formal papers with text abbreviations instead of proper spellings. Employers are complaining about receiving cover letters and E-mails written with text abbreviations, especially from “Gen Y’ers” — and sometimes following interviews, unwelcome “THX” texts on their private cell phones. (“THX” is “thanks” for the uninitiated, not to be confused with “THX Surround Sound!”)

Webopedia hosts an amusing Internet site for text messaging abbreviations (over 1,000!) but beware of using them in standard business communications, including E-mail to colleagues.

But I admit to giggling over the following text “codes:”

AIAMU: And I am a monkey’s uncle
OATUS: On a totally unrelated subject
PAW: Parents are watching
ROFLCOPTER: Rolling on floor laughing and spinning around

2 Responses to Eats, Shoots And Leaves Calendar: Text Messaging Addicts Beware!

  1. Thank you, Christine! I corrected it to “Y”, as in “YRU” leaving most of the letters out of most of the words! 🙂 Clearly, I’m no good with abbreviations. 😉

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