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The Episode in Which We Finally Get a Law Firm Dog

The Episode in Which We Finally Get a Law Firm Dog

For years, I’ve been begging the guys to let us have a law firm dog.

We almost got a yellow tabby tom kitten when the architects next door at our old offices found it in the parking lot, and immediately tried to convince us that we were potential cat-owners. They did a good job. Our staff took turns having the kitten at our desks, where he sat in our laps, and purred or slept all day. We argued that he was the perfect office pet and morale booster – quiet, agreeable and good company.

Plus, he’d chase the occasional cockroach that terrorized the place.

Nope. No firm cat. Some of us cried to see him go.

But this week a grateful client gave one of the attorneys a beautiful lab puppy as a gift. Who could say no to that, especially when you’re holding the puppy and the client is so clearly excited over the great gift? This client has been a longtime source of terrific referrals for us. He’s the kind of guy who will feel bad if he doesn’t see the dog here every time he stops by.

Plus, not long ago someone stole the rockers from the porch of the historic house we work in, and we all agreed loud barking might go a long way toward deterring sticky-fingered rocking chair bandits.

And my bosses are suckers for blondes. They fell in love with her immediately, and named her Bobby Sue – Sue for short.

We’ve worked out the rotation schedule for walking her, and taking her home at night and on weekends. Bobby Sue’s so adorable, I have to share her picture with you.

* * * * *Now, c’mon ya’ll, you know darn well we didn’t get no dog at the law firm.This is all a paralegal’s elaborate fantasy in honor of the day in which I have fallen hard for at least half a dozen April Fool’s lies on major websites (and maybe because I never got over our failed bid to have a firm cat).Just wishful bloggin’…I’ll leave you with an appropriate Irish proverb in honor of the day, “Don’t give cherries to pigs or advice to fools.”Related Post: Our Law Office is Haunted. Really.

8 Responses to The Episode in Which We Finally Get a Law Firm Dog

  1. I was so excited for you! I mean, look at that little face. This idea still strikes me as one of the best moves a company could make- talk about firm morale! I'm jealous of the Humane Society of the United States, they have a policy allowing pets in the office. What a nice reminder of what they're working to protect!

  2. We are looking to relocate our firm and we are currently considering a location that would allow all firm dog owners to bring their dogs to work – fingers crossed!

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