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Excel 2007: Use AutoSum Button to Easily Add a Column of Numbers

For those new to Excel or who rarely use it, but sometimes need to quickly add a column of numbers, such as expenses, the AutoSum button makes this virtually a one-step process.
Tip: Make sure your column of numbers has no blank spaces (although you can simply drag the box to include an entire column if there are blank spaces, and it will still add all of them correctly).
Highlight, i.e. click on, the cell immediately below the last number in the column.
Click the AutoSum button in the upper right hand corner of your Excel spreadsheet. Then hit enter, and the column total will appear.
You can also use the AutoSum to calculate the average, min, max, or count of the column, simply by opening the drop down menu on the AutoSum button, and selecting the calculation you need.
Our firm has lots of new computers, new software, and software updates (although I laughed when I saw WordPerfect 2002 still in my list of programs), and because we have separate teams working in multiple specialty areas, we don’t always use the same features or software. I have been assigned the job of providing weekly “tech tips” – or finding a co-worker to share one. Not only do I save, organize and email the tips via my Evernote,, account, but I thought I’d share some of them here. I’d also love to share yours!
We’re also experiencing an iPad user explosion here. Are any of your firms experiencing the same?

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