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Faith, Hope & Love (and More Goodwill)

Faith, Hope & Love (and More Goodwill)

“Faith, Hope & Love” is stenciled on the wall of The Teen’s hospital room, and I have to say it is a comfort to see it. Many of you know that The Teen suffers from a severe form of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD).

What some of you may not know, is SCD patients can be prone to suffer strokes. That’s what the doctors initially thought had happened when she was admitted to ICU at 2 a.m. on Monday, and what they hopefully ruled out with a number of diagnostic tests today.

I was glad to honor the Blogger Day of Silence for Sandy Hook yesterday. When I read the bios of the victims earlier this week, my tears started afresh. When I read the blog post “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother“, my heart broke all over again, because I do know that all over the world there are families who both love and fear their own children suffering from mental illness, which sometimes expresses itself in violent outbursts at the least, and physical attacks at worst. Even worse is the difficulty getting appropriate – and beneficial – mental health care and support.

The Absent-Minded Professor, a cancer survivor, says none of us have lifetime contracts and we need to live everyday in the present. Those of us who are parents need to make sure we tell our children how great they are and how much we love them – and work hard to give them real childhoods. We can’t always protect them from random violence – or random health crises, but we can love them well.

I guess it was fortuitous that on Sunday afternoon I took pictures of several combinations of completely secondhand clothes, most from the GoodWill. Although I’ve been schlepping around in no make-up, bifocals, and sweaters because the hospital is so cold (at least to me), this is what I’ll likely wear to give an ethics presentation tomorrow, partly because I have a long round-trip drive to the seminar, and this is very comfortable and won’t wrinkle.

The Deets: Petite Sophisticate sweater (GoodWill); vintage Ann Taylor Loft pleated skirt (eBay); MIA floral cut out boots (thrifted); Vera Wang necklace under $5 at Kohl’s, probably left because no one “got it” but me. I was all, “Greetings, green  rhinestones, you have found your Forever Home.”

Y’all know I’m all about the one piece of obnoxious notable bling 😛
Sometimes when I get discouraged, I listen to Fantasia singing “I Am Here” at the 2007 Tony Awards, and remind myself how powerful the little things can be in our lives, how strong we can be when we least expect it, and how counting our blessings can be one way to deal with adversity.

22 Responses to Faith, Hope & Love (and More Goodwill)

  1. You know I'm still sending lots of strong prayers to you all and the Teen especially. Hopefully she'll get to come home in time for Christmas. Hospitals are always miserable and cold. Keep warm!

    You do look amazing in your tweed skirt and incredible boots. I still want to try those on. ;P

  2. Oh my goodness Lynn, I wasn't aware of your teen's condition and it's possible ramifications. You have such an upbeat attitude, I'm sure it's beneficial for you and everyone around you. As you said, sometimes all that one can do is love well and strong through everything. And you do look lovely too. Good Will To All.

  3. There's no good time for loved ones to be ill, but holiday season is especially rough. You'll be in my thoughts, and like Megan, I so hope she'll be home for Christmas.

    I "get" the necklace as well, and you look lovely. 🙂

  4. Aw, Lynne. My uncle's in the hospital right now too (I'm not sure if he's out of the ICU yet or not)–you'll all be in my heart and thoughts.

  5. Sending healing, peaceful thoughts to you and your daughter today, Lynne – it's got to be so stressful for you all. Faith, Hope, and Goodwill to your whole family.

  6. A great song and a great heart-felt post Lynne. I have seen your FB posts and have been thinking of you and the Teen all day. I'm so sorry for your struggles. I am sending you big, big hugs. I hope she gets well soon. My heart is broken over the CT tragedy. As a mother with a 5 and 7 year old, I can hardly imagine the pain and anguish and fear that those poor parents and community must feel. It took me a bit to read the stories because I couldn't take it at first. But when I did read it, the stories of the siblings of the victims was just way too much. It is the saddest thing.

  7. Lynne,
    I hope that this crisis your daughter is experiencing will pass quickly.

    Your outfit is lovely and I see you are wearing those enviable boots you thrifted.

  8. Comfort and style – you certainly have that with this cute number. I love your green rescue rhinestones.
    Why are hospitals cold? Why? I send you and The Teen psychic blankets of warmth and healing. Each day counts, you said it.

  9. Lynne, I am so sorry that your darling girl has such frightening health issues to contend with. And being a witness to a loved one's pain is a hard place to be. But I know you will be giving her all the love and support she needs. I am hoping with all my heart that she feels better soon and can be home for Christmas.
    I don't know whether you think your seminar is an unwelcome additional stress or a necessary dose of an alternative reality and a distraction, but either way, I hope it goes well. You have chosen a lovely outfit for it, the soft tones of pink and brown are gorgeous.
    What a kind and thoughtful and compassionate woman you are. The Teen has a great mum. xxxxxxx

  10. I'm so sorry to hear of your daughter's condition and am sending lots of positive thoughts your way.
    Sunday's outfit (and you) are beautiful and I love the blingy necklace. xxx

  11. Sending my very best to The Teen and you and your family, Lynne. This post is all the more moving for your capacity to be present on so many levels even in the midst of incredibly difficult circumstances.

    That's a gorgeous outfit, love the boots and forever-homed necklace! Safe travels, hope the presentation goes well.

  12. Keeping you and the teen in my thoughts and prayers as always, I hope she'll be well and out in time for Christmas.

    I have to admit I'm drooling over your necklace. 🙂

  13. I am sorry about your daughter. Sending warm healing thoughts towards her & your family. Hope she is back home from the hospital for the holidays!

    On a positive note, you look radiant in Lilac. So polished & chic. I used to love Petite Sohpisticate and Casual Corner, I would shop there (on sale) every now and then and still own a few pieces from there.

  14. So sorry to hear the teen is back in the hospital, but so thankful no stroke occurred
    I do hope ya'll get to come home for Christmas
    Prayer go out to your family in the difficult time

  15. I didn't know your Teen was unwell… I hope recovery (as can be has w/Sickle cell Disease) come quickly!

    At least you look great… I love those boots, and adore the crazy necklace!

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