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For a Good Time, Spend $25 at Goodwill

For a Good Time, Spend $25 at Goodwill

Or, Let’s Talk Dirty

So in my last post, I shared a valuable tip for identifying boyfriend jeans. You are so welcome!

Please forgive the more rambling post than usual. Y’all know I don’t get out much these days.

Dirty dressing room MIRROR, folks. iPhone selfie pics again. 
But I kinda like this keepin’ it real at the Goodwill approach. 
Ralph Lauren men’s shirt; no label boyfriend jeans; um, yeah, Crocs; 
hospital, Ronald McDonald House & Grow, Cells, Grow bracelets

I know the right thing to do is give this pendent as a Christmas present. 
But if it’s wrong to keep it, I don’t want to be right.

I roam around Goodwill often, but frequently leave empty-handed. (Except for those $1 vintage brooches and plastic beads I collect like a magpie.) I know I don’t need many clothes, and I’m enjoying the ones I already own more than ever. The lovely and witty Vix at Vintage Vixen wrote the best post evah about not getting sucked in to each season’s new fashion trends, and the foolishness of thinking we have nothing to wear:

Reading posts by bloggers identifying gaps in their wardrobes, complaining they’ve nothing to wear and identifying what they need to see them through the forthcoming season is a constant source of fascination for me. I mean, what happens to the clothes they already own? Do they honestly disintegrate and have to be binned or, more likely, are these women simply bullied by the fashion pack into believing that their existing stuff is so outdated they’ll be laughed out of town for daring to wear something that isn’t deemed bang-up-to-the-minute? ~ Vix from Vintage Vixen

Vix is right. If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us first world dwellers do have something to wear. But the clothes always seem more desirable in someone else’s (or some other style blogger’s) closet.

(Warning: After the jump, I admit I practically stole candy from a baby. Stop here, and go do more productive things, like hug your own clothes.)

Re-mixing fun with Renfrew Collection shirt & Old Navy western style shirt with snaps!

I was also heavily influenced by Cameron from Modern Family, with the contrasting cuffs and collar. 
I’m adding the plastic jools. I think Cameron would approve.

However, living out of a suitcase and a hospital drawer for months has given me a welcome reset of my clothing mindset. Having less makes me re-mix more – and bolder. Do I only have a clean striped skirt and floral top? Yep, so I’m wearing them together. And liking it.

This shirt has bendy wire in the collar and French cuffs. 
A quick Internet search indicates this brand is a li’l pricey on eBay. 
I paid $3.40 for it.

But I did think I needed a few things during my Sunday roam around a local Goodwill, courtesy of Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina. I don’t have much in the way of casual cold weather clothes. (Because I used to go to work in an office.) Fall is here, and the hospital is bitterly freezing.

Is this Dollhouse brand stretch denim thingie a dress or a duster? I vote both. 
It makes me feel super badass which what is most important.

Pretty, shiny coral beads. 

I’ma tell on myself here. As I approached the Goodwill cash register, where they keep all the jools, I saw a fresh-faced high school or college aged young woman holding the plastic coral beads shown above, and wondering if she should buy them.

I wondered if it would be okay to tap her with my cart to make her drop them. Exercising all of my impulse control, I looked at the other pretty, plastic shinys.

Then she put the necklace back. I promise I acted all cool, and waited approximately 27 seconds to quietly snag it. Then I heard her tell her friend, “I should have gotten that necklace but now that woman has it.”

Hmmm, be nice and give it to her? Um, no, because I am that woman.

$25 also gets you a long secondhand clothes haul post. If you’re still here, I promise I love you enough not to tap you with my cart to make you drop shiny stuff I want when we go thrifting together.

Bonus full confessional pic:

My other pair o’ Crocs, duet Mary Jane style, ultra violet purple soles. I call them pillows for my feet.

22 Responses to For a Good Time, Spend $25 at Goodwill

  1. Lol at the check-out story! I have been there, but the other woman *didn't* put it back, damn. I really like the long denim dress/duster and see lots of possibilities. Ditto the colorful tops. Well done with the boyfriend jeans, my thrifty friend! xoxo

  2. Keeping it real Lynne, I love it! And it's her loss, she put the necklace down, it's rightfully yours now! So many great finds, I still can't believe the pink shirt!!

  3. LOL Lynne this made me chuckle!! You got some great goodies–espcially that denim Matrix coat/dress!! I'm also a magpie for the plastic beads and bangles and shiny shiny pins!!

    I've HAD to pretty much buy all "new to me" for this fall winter. NOTHING fit from last year-altered what I could and have been squirreling away cool weather stuff. Now that FALL has finally returned I can wear it!!

  4. I think Vix has it right on the button! And I've come to appreciate my closet more and more–especially since I moved and unpacked allllllll of my boxes of clothes!!! I love seeing your happy little face thrifting again! That first Ralph Lauren shirt is so awesome on you!!!

  5. Oh, you're that "other" woman. I know her. She's the reason I hang on to my maybe purchases with an iron fist at the thrift store. Excellent finds — everything looks great and I love your selfies! I hope the Teen is continuing to improve and God bless you for taking such good care of her. You are a very special woman.

  6. Loving the checkout story, I've done that a few times and never felt guilty, you snooze, you lose!
    You're definitely allowed a new wardrobe, after all you've a whole new lifestyle, hairdo and blog title to dress for. That shirt is amazing, the printed one is gorgeous and the denim coat dress is a total steal. Those are the least offensive Crocs I've ever seen, I wouldn't have known if you hadn't told us!

  7. Oh you are completely forgiven for snagging the necklace. She put it back. You NEVER put anything back, you hold onto it until you decide. That's The Rule. If you put it back, it's fair game for That Woman (who is you, and me, and most of us!)
    I love you in those jeans! Well, I love you in anything, to be truthful. But your funky hair cut really suits the boyish jeans and shirt look, you look about 18 and gorgeous! The denim coat dress is perfect on you too, especially in the arctic hospital conditions.
    Everyone needs pillows for their feet! And we need to adapt ourselves, and our wardrobes, to what we are doing and where we are, and you are doing that with great panache and style, Lynne. xxxx

  8. AMAZING finds!!! I love love love the pink shirt on you. It goes so well with your hair.

    I wish I had your luck. I saw a girl with a brand new J. Jill red blouse for 99c in her hand and wanted to offer to pay her to give it to me. I didn't, but I wish I had.

    I love your dressing room photos! You look like you're having so much fun.

  9. Okay I just LOVE those boyfriend jeans on you. You need to wear those all the time. Well maybe not to bed, but you know what I mean.

    I've been "that woman" before too. LOL. You snooze…you lose baby.

    You scored big time here. I'm so happy to see you out having a bit of "you" time. I'm sure even though it was Goodwill it would have been like a breath of fresh air to be out of the hospital doing something normal.


  10. You're "that woman"! Preying like a vulture, ready to pounce. What a funny story.

    Oh, btw, your husband friended me on Facebook today. I feel special! I liked him a lot when we met in NY but didn't want to push it. I'm glad he opened this door.

  11. I love the shirt with the wired collar – so cool. And that denim thingy – totally badass! Stalk about in it with Authority! I laughed at your checkout story. That girl would never have really appreciated those coral beads like YOU do.

  12. What a good haul, especially that denim duster dress! God, I would love to find one of those. Your pics in the dressing room are cute!

    Last night I went to look around JCPenney, where I used to always find things I liked. But I hated everything I saw last nigh. I wished I had gone to Goodwill instead. I hate following trends, too (except a little bit), so Goodwill is so much more interesting.

  13. It feels like I just went shopping with you! Which was very nice :-). Gosh, the pink shirt is gorgeous, how clever with the collar wiring. Ha, that lady put the necklace down. That means it is yours, fair and square!! Xxxx

  14. Great finds, all!! I really like those jeans too. You look fabulous. I love the dressing room pics and I wish I was thrifting with you.

    I remember asking why it was so dang freezing in the hospital when I spent the better part of June and July in one with Joey's mom. I wasn't prepared at all since we didn't expect to be there. I guess it's supposed to be more hygienic? Ugh. Love you!!!!!!!

  15. Well, look at it this way…you have taught this young and inexperienced thrifter an invaluable life lesson. 🙂
    I am always scared to go into a dressing room to try things on with my piled full cart outside my door. Scared someone will swipe my valuable "already decided I'll purchase that" items. I keep opening the door and peeking to make sure I've not been hit by looters. At Value Village they have signs that say "this cart is in use". I love those….and place them carefully atop my heap of treasures as a warning to others to BACK OFF. haha

  16. I went to Goodwill during my alone time too, and it was glorious. I didn't buy much as I don't need much, but I did get a lovely long-haired plaid coat. No, I didn't need it, but I love plaid and I love coats and I love wildly textured things so I couldn't possibly leave it. Right? Right.

  17. Just got back from my regular Monday routine: shopping my local Goodwill, looking for red tag $1.29 specials! Came home with a skirt for me, but tequila ceramic bottle that shall be used as a vase, and a crazy amazing vintage beaded bracelet! I love the Goodwill. And those UV crocs on you too!

  18. Hey, she put it down – it was YOURS.
    Get this, once I found a set of vintage pyrex mixing bowls at my thrift store. I picked them up, was heading to the register and a woman had the gall to say to me that she SAW THEM FIRST. Yup. I was stunned, and then she continued to try and convince me that I shouldn't buy them, but of course I did.
    Chic on the Cheap

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