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Free Adobe Acrobat Training for Dummies

Don’t get yer panties in a wad – I’m the dummy, not you.

But what do you do when you get a brand new computer at work, fully loaded with new software you’ve never used before, including say Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard – which would be really super-super cool if you even knew what it does (besides make PDFs)?

And let’s assume you’re not getting a paid on-site trainer. For sure.

And let’s assume that your supervising attorney has strongly suggested that you learn what it does, so you can show everyone else. (Starting this blog may have given my bosses grandiose ideas regarding my affinity for technology.) You like being gainfully employed, so you are definitely going to accept that suggestion.

But you’re not going to pretend Adobe Acrobat’s not there, that’s also for sure. (That worked well for me for several years when we switched to Word, but still had WordPerfect, too.)

Luckily, there are awesome free online resources for learning Adobe Acrobat. My favorites so far are:

Acrolaw (Adobe Acrobat for Legal Professionals) – This site has the most wonderful training videos, almost like you did get that paid on-site trainer, but even better, because you can play the videos over and over until the concept sinks in, and there’s not someone right beside your computer staring at you and thinking you really are a dummy. – Go right to the source. Adobe has clear step-by-step tutorials for each version of Adobe Acrobat. As I read the tutorials for Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard Help on the web (, I practiced the concepts (with the instructions on one monitor and the documents I was tinkering with on the other).

Evernote– This is a free online application to keep up with anything you want to remember later. I call Evernote “the place where I keep my fleeting thoughts from fleeing.” I use it for all kinds of professional purposes, but as I learn what Adobe Acrobat does, I keep Evernote open on one monitor and note how-tos in a way that I can remember them later – and share them with my co-workers.

If you have any additional suggestions for free online Adobe Acrobat tutorials, I’d love it if you’d shoot me an email ( so I can continue to enjoy job security and this cool software.

Addendum: Many thanks to Kurt Foss, Online Editor for Adobe Acrobat User Community for emailing me the link to its Learning Center,

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