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Free E-Discovery 101 Webcast for Paralegals Available at Fios

The Internet provides a plethora of free learning resources for paralegals to keep up with today’s rapidly-evolving litigation technology, including the excellent e-discovery resources available at Fios, Inc. I registered for a free account, in part to access the also free webcasts on demand at the Fios e-Discovery Knowledge Center, but other resources include white papers and an e-newsletter.

“Electronic Discovery 101 for Litigation Support and Paralegals” is an introduction “to the world of e-discovery” by Amy Koury, a Client Delivery Manager at Fios, Inc. Koury has 10 years experience as a senior paralegal and specializes in guiding clients through all phases of electronic discovery.

Koury does a great job of explaining basic e-discovery concepts in clear, simple terms, starting with the elementary questions, “what is e-discovery?” and “what happens after the complaint is filed?” She breaks down the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), the critical “meet and confer” process, the importance of identifying systems, and the preservation, storage, collection and processing of data. Koury rightly emphasizes that gathering electronic data in litigation is much more complex than running to your nearest computer mega-store to buy a hard drive to dump it in.

I was surprised by how much I learned from this approximately half hour webcast. Koury’s discussion is pleasant and conversational, and accompanied by a helpful slide show. In addition to being a good introduction for working paralegals new to e-discovery, the webcast is an excellent resource for paralegal instructors to use in the discovery portion of a civil litigation class, or to assign students to watch for homework (sorry, student readers, I used to teach litigation classes for paralegals).

So, in review, this e-discovery webcast is informative, free and convenient. (And, no, Fios does not sponsor this blog.) If you’re still wondering what e-discovery is, this is a good place to start.

Do you have a recommendation for a free webcast or podcast on demand that other paralegals might find beneficial? Please share your recommendation in the comments!

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