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Frye Riding Boots

Frye Riding Boots

You can see from the color of my hair that I don’t post my outfits in order necessarily. I wear the same favorites all the time, including this striped dress that goes with pretty much everything. But I didn’t wear this dress nearly as much as I wore these Frye boots scored from eBay in early 2013.

I wore them almost daily until our strange spring, and its manic weather, made getting dressed in the morning basically a crap shoot. What was most important was not to get my feet wet.

The Deets: Striped dress (old, Ross); Floral scarf (can’t recall); Frye riding boots (eBay); Cuff bangle (Jada’s Jewels); “Smurf tights”

I think I finally found a way to wear what my sister calls my “Smurf tights” to work without actually looking like Smurfette. A little goes a long way, yes?

The party is in the back on these babies, zippers and snaps!

I like these boots, which must be real riding boots because there are jodphur straps inside (I come from horse people), they are shorter than most boots (and I am short), and they fit my calves very, very closely. The toes tip up very slightly. Heels down in the stirrups, dontcha know ๐Ÿ˜›

The Corginator is almost as enthusiastic about these boots as I am.

I miss my boots, but when it stops raining, I’ve got some cool vintage-feel spring shoes to show y’all!

Have a great weekend, and as always, thanks for your readership and support. It means the world to me.

18 Responses to Frye Riding Boots

  1. There is a special place in my heart for these gorgeous boots! (They probably look better on your feet, though). xoxoxox

  2. Doggy!!!!! *heart melt*
    The boots are fab, what a great find!
    I get what you mean on your comment – in my case the outfits are inappropriate by comparison with everyone else and the looks I get from them hehe. My office is very relaxed and the uniform is jeans and leggings or it would appear to be, it's what everyone else seems to wear. As I live in a small town and stand out I'm the crazy one who wears colours and varies her outfits very often! I'm definitely adding your page to my blogroll. I still haven't found a substitute to Google reader and I'm not too keen on bloglovin'. Do you have any suggestions?


  3. There's special place in my heart, too, for Frye boots since I had a job selling them at a boutique years ago. Damn, what ever happened to the ones I had?

    These are great, kind of different, and the fact that they suit you so well makes them perfect! Love the dress, too.

  4. Oh these are great boots Lynne! I love the zipper detail on the back! And I laughed at your Smurf comment on your tights – I have blue tights like that too and I always think of like the movie Avatar when I wear mine!

  5. Woo hoo!!!! These are great boots Lynne and a great dress too!!! Say, when is your Goodwill link up? I have the perfect look for it! I scored J. Crew cords last weekend for a buck!

  6. I purchased my first pair of Frye boots in the 70's and wish I still had them. With my history of never letting anything go, I can't imagine what happened to them. The boots that you're wearing are perfect with your striped dress, and I love the touch of blue.

  7. I love everything about this look! The pop of blue, the omg gorgeous boots, the Corginator!! My Fryes are quite a bit different, but my love for them is just the same. It took some time for us both to find the right pair, but when it's right – they're perfect!

    Also you bettah hide that dress lady. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cyooot!

  8. "Smurf tights" – heheee!!! I have a pair in the same colour and love them to bits! I adore your new boots hon and goodness that dress is incredible! It reminds me of some of the wonderful, zany striped suits and dresses ladies wore in the 1930s! xoxo

  9. The boots are beautiful, and a perfect fit on you, and the bright blue tights look great – I wore some tights that colour this week too, I love them and it never occurred to me that they were too much or too Smurf-y!
    Were you about to give the Corginator a big hug? xxxxx

  10. Your boots totally rock Lynne … I still can't see myself being so brave as to wear bright tights … I think they look fab on everyone except me. I'll have to stick to my flesh tone and black/blackmail pantyhose.

  11. The Corginator is probably thinking sadly about their legs not being long enough for tall boots ๐Ÿ™

    But you look great in them. And way to go to get very bright tights in.

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